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World Religions

includng spiritual philosophies and a-theisms

In the News

Suleyman Mosque, Istanbul

 Cambodian Buddhist Temple, Hampton, MN.

Cambodian Buddhist Temple, Hampton, MN

see also
biblical archaeology
(personal and cultural)

Voodoo / Vodou


major world religions
list of religions


In the News . . .

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Chinese Family Altar
A Contemporary Altar in China

The Black Madonna of Czestochowa, Poland.

The Black Madonna
of Czestochowa, Poland


Suleyman Mosque, Istanbul

Süleyman Mosque
, Istanbul


La Macarena, Virgin of Hope, Seville, Spain.
La Macarena, Virgin of Hope
Seville, Spain


"Put your hands to work, and give your hearts to God."  -- Mother Ann Lee, Founder of the Shakers

"Put your hands to work,
-- Mother Ann Lee, Founder of the Shakers

Virgin Mary statue.
Nataraja --  Shiva, the King of Dancers
the King of Dancers,
is the dancing posture of Lord Shiva,
the aspect of God
as the Destroyer in Hinduism

The World's Top Religions

Ross Toro, LiveScience contributor
08 September 2011

science education


Stonehenge, Wiltshire, England.

Wiltshire, England

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