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 Culture and Personality 

(Psychological Anthropology)

  Margaret Mead
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Margaret Mead and Samoa

(1901 - 1978)

Major Figures in Anthropology

Map of Samoa
American Samoa
-- The World Fact Book
Margaret Mead in Samoa

Margaret Mead sitting between two Samoan girls, ca. 1926.
Coming of Age Book

Great Debates and Controversies in Anthropology

Coming of Age Book

Margaret Mead -- Derek Freeman

Margaret Mead
Margaret Mead
Derek Freeman.
Derek Freeman
Freeman, Quest for the Real Samoa.
Margaret Mead and Samoa, Derek Freeman.

Great Debates in Anthropology:

Next Time: Review of the Mead Freeman controversy


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"In Coming of Age, Margaret Mead claimed Samoan adolescents were part of a gentle, harmonious culture, practicing casual premarital sex which produced no unwanted pregnancies or other negative results. In 1982, Australian anthropologist Derek Freeman declared the opposite was closer to the truth. In devaluing Mead's research, Freeman appeared to challenge the entrenched position of anthropology in the "nature versus nurture" dialogue. Explores the roles and academic standpoints of Mead and Freeman and incorporates interviews with Mead's friends, her fellow academics, her daughter and present-day Samoans including some from Mead's studies."

cf., "Coming of Age: Margaret Mead"
(1901 - 1978)
(52 min., 1990, VC 1755)

Margaret Mead -- Wikipedia

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  • Girls say they lied to Margaret Mead

  • Margaret Mead went back to Manus but not TaŻ

  • Derek Freeman thinks that Margaret Mead is talking about her own self
    • about her own problems in the United States

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    Freeman, Quest for the Real Samoa.

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