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Advanced Writing: Social Sciences

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Extra Credit

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| Extra Credit Options | Handing in Extra Credit Paper |

  1. There will be a vocabulary extra credit section on the final exam (up to 4 points).

  2. Give the speech you write for project #4 to a public audience on campus or in the community.
  1. You can also get extra credit for making suggestions resulting in a significant improvement to the materials considered and handed out in this class.
  1. Or write critical review of a Miskolc Paper: "inter-Facing the Inevitable: Appropriate Technology in the 21st Century"

  2. For extra credit read and critique one chapter of When Everybody Called Me Gah-báy-bI-náyss -- Forever-Flying Bird (3-5 pages, for up to 10 points, or about 5% of grade).

    Extra credit term papers:

    • are due by the last day of class
    • must be turned in with all of your notes and drafts
    • will not be accepted if they are late, unless you have received prior permission to hand in the paper after the deadline
    • must be word-processed or typed
    • must follow a college writing handbook such as Andrea Lunsford and Robert Connors, The St. Martin's Handbook. 3rd ed. New York: St. Martin's, 1995. Or you can follow WWWeb reference materials such as OWL Documents.


  3. For your footnotes, "bibliography" ("Works Cited" or "References"), and other matters like that, use either the APA (American Psychological Association) citation style, the MLA (Modern Language Association) style, the CMS (Chicago) style, or the CBE (Council of Biology Editors) style. Don't make up your own.

Handing in Extra Credit Papers

  • papers must be word-processed or typed
  • turn in all of your notes and drafts
  • You will not get extra credit if you do not turn in two copies of your paper and your notes and drafts
  • Papers will not be accepted after the last day of class unless you have made prior arrangements
  • Include the following information on your paper:

    • name
    • course number
    • quarter
    • "Extra Credit Paper"
    • draft version number

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