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Advanced Writing: Social Sciences

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Week 10: Analytical Speech

Assignments for the Week

Day 19 -- Tuesday 02 April 2002


Old Business / Announcements:

Writing for the Web -- GDNet



  1. Handout: Oldenburg and Brissett, "The Essential Hangout" (an, argum/pers)

    Handout: Oldenburg and Brissett, "The Third Place" (an, argum/pers)
    Note the handling of "the same" material for different audiences.

    • Complete note cards for both the Oldenburg and Brissette essays (R13B/C). State the problem being made known. Make a list of ways in which the writers explain and demonstrate that the problem exists. Bring the cards to class with you on Day 23 Week 12.

    • Bring, in addition, two questions on the Brissett-Oldenburg articles: (1) one question on writing and writing techniques, and (2) one question on substance. Bring the cards to class with you on Day 23 Week 12.

  2. The Twenty Most Common Errors

    Lunsford and Connors' "Twenty Most Common Errors" continued:

    1. unnecessary shift in pronoun
    2. sentence fragment
    3. wrong tense or verb form
    4. lack or agreement between subject and verb
    5. missing comma in a series
    6. lack of agreement between pronoun and antecedent
    7. unnecessary comma(s) with a restrictive element
    8. fused sentence
    9. misplaced or dangling modifier
    10. its / it's confusion

  3. Hairston, "Papers for Oral Presentation"

  5. Review Handbook assignments
      • Ch. 50 "Oral Presentations"
        • book text
        • sample writing
        • video

  6. Review of analysis

  7. Select a topic for an analytic speech for Project #4 (Cf., Week 08, Day 16)

  8. Review of outlining (planning), data gathering, sorting and interpreting, with emphasis on developing the preliminary outline and taking notes for project #4, an analytic speech

  9. Discussion and in-class work on developing and/or restricting topic for "Coffee and Conversation" talk (P#4)

  10. Using PowerPoint

Day 20 -- Thursday 04 April 2002

  1. Mechanical Procedures Practice for the Final Exam:

    • Take the "Mechanical and Processes Section of the Final Exam" (edited version)

    • Other CD-ROM exercises
      1. Open CD-ROM The New St. Martin's Electronic Handbook
      2. Click on "exercises" in the lefthand column
      3. In the "Select a Chapter" box select Ch. 8 "Pronoun Case"
        1. Select items from the "Now Select a Section . . . ." dialogue box
        2. Click "OK" on the "You may now start the quiz!" dialogue box
        3. Note the "For help, see Xx" aids under the dialogue boxes

      4. Look at the following list of CD-ROM exercises and work on the ones that are not your strong points. If in doubt, pick those that correspond with the items that are listed in the memos that accompanied your papers when they were returned.

        1. Repeat Step C for Ch. 09 "Verbs"
        2. Repeat Step C for Ch. 10 "Subject-Verb Agreement"
        3. Repeat Step C for Ch. 11 "Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement"
        4. Repeat Step C for Ch. 12 "Adjectives, Adverbs"
        5. Repeat Step C for Ch. 13 "Clear Pronoun Reference"
        6. Repeat Step C for Ch. 14 "Shifts"
        7. Repeat Step C for Ch. 15 "Comma Splices, Fused Sentences"
        8. Repeat Step C for Ch. 16 "Sentence Fragments"
        9. Repeat Step C for Ch. 17 "Modifier Placement"
        10. Repeat Step C for Ch. 18 "Consistent and Complete Structures"
        11. Repeat Step C for Ch. 19 "Effective Sentences"
          1. Emphasizing main ideas
          2. Conciseness
        12. Repeat Step C for Ch. 20 "Coordinaation, Subordination"
        13. Repeat Step C for Ch. 21 "Parallelism"
        14. Repeat Step C for Ch. 24 "Spelling"
        15. Repeat Step C for Ch. 27 "Diction"
        16. Repeat Step C for Ch. 30 "Commas"
        17. Repeat Step C for Ch. 31 "Semicolons"
        18. Repeat Step C for Ch. 32 "End Punctuation"
          1. Periods
          2. Question marks
          3. Exclamation points
        19. Repeat Step C for Ch. 33 "Apostrophes"
        20. Repeat Step C for Ch. 34 "Quotation Marks"
        21. Repeat Step C for Ch. 35 "Other Punctuation Marks"
          1. Parentheses and brackets
          2. Dashes
          3. Colons
        22. Repeat Step C for Ch. 36 "Capitals"
        23. Repeat Step C for Ch. 37 "Abbreviations and Numbers"
        24. Repeat Step C for Ch. 38 "Italics"
        25. Repeat Step C for Ch. 39 "Hyphens"
        26. Repeat Step C for Ch. 53 "Nouns, Noun Phrases"
        27. Repeat Step C for Ch. 54 "Verbs, Verb Phrases"
        28. Repeat Step C for Ch. 55 "Prepositions and Prepositional Phrases"

  2. This week work on taking notes from five or more sources, and then integrate this material into your writing.
    • "Sources" can include notes on things like discussion of the topic with your professors and/or friends, write-ups from displays in art galleries and museums, notes from television programs like Nova and 60 Minutes, notes from programs on Public Radio. . . .
    • Freewrite for Paper #4, your "Coffee and Conversation" talk, incorporating some of these materials. Freewrite at least two double-spaced pages.
    • Bring this to the next class.
    • Write your main idea in one sentence

Next Week

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