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Advanced Writing: Social Sciences

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28 November 2023

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OWL logo, Online Writing Lab, Purdue University.

 Helpful Information
for Putting Your Presentations Together

see also


Demosthenes Practising Oratory
 Jean-Jules-Antoine Lecomte du Nouy

Is public speaking fear limiting your career?
-- Tim Smedley, BBCcapital (22 March 2017)

"Teamwork, plus her experience making presentations in class,
proved valuable for an internship this year at fashion designer Kate Spade."

  This is the real reason new graduates can't get hired
-- Ronald Alsop , BBC (19 November 2015)

Whether you are giving your presentation
in person, recording a voice-over, or making a video . . .

s p e a k    s l o w l y 

d o    n o t    r u s h


 OWL logo, Online Writing Lab, Purdue University.

   Designing an Effective Powerpoint Presentation: Quick Guide

Before You Start

Design Principles

Practical Guides

Color Theory Presentation

other presentation resources


(YouTube -- Wikipedia)

other presentation resources

For an Illustrated Talk

(i.e., a PowerPoint type presentation)

On-line PowerPoint Presentations

Sometimes when you go to a convention, or a meeting, or a job fair, or a sports show or something like that and you see a display or two that are set up with programs running on their own. Those can be short PowerPoint or videos that are looped to continually run on their own.

The messages can be written out, with the text included as part of the program, or the messages can be added with audio as a "voice-over".

  • with a "voice-over" the narration is not accompanied by the image of the speaker; the message is in the background explaining what the viewer is seeing on the screen

  • with "textual" only, all of the information is provided by the words on the screen (along with the images); there is no one in the background explaining what the viewer is seeing on the screen.

  • by contrast, with a YouTube or other "video" presentation, the speaker is, commonly in front of the camera speaking directly to the viewer(s)

You may do any of these types for your class Presentation.

See more on PowerPoint presentations above.


If you have had Prof. David Syring's or Prof. Emad's courses or workshops on media production this is an excellent place to demonstrate your skills.

See additional information on PowerPoint presentations below.

LSBE Students have a look: 15+ Best Presentation Templates and Themes to Download [with a focus on Presentation templates for business and sales, marketing, and investment] -- Storydoc

 as a

"Research Poster"

If you were to attend a regional or national conference in a professional organization related to your major, or if you attend a conference or exposition related to something like an Undergraduate Research Opportunites Program (UROP) project, you would most likely see that there is a "Poster Session" as part of that conference or exposition.

So another option for your class presentation would be to create a professional poster presentation explaining your project to others interested in the topic.

UROP, for example, lists UROP Presentation Opportunities on their web site, and they go on to offer Guidelines for creating a professional poster.

Further information on research posters is available at . . .

 Research Poster Overview

Research Poster Content & Context 
Formatting Considerations
 Ordering Information
 Using Images
 Supplementary Handouts

* * *

  How to Create a Research Poster
-- NYU Libraries

  Poster Presentation
-- Michigan State University, Undergraduate Research

  YouTubeHow to Present an Academic Research Poster
-- Syracuse University iSchool

  Presenting Your Poster at a Conference: Tips and Tricks
-- Sharlene Fernandes, Society for Personality and Social Psychology, 17 June 2021

  Creating a Poster
-- Washington University in St. Louis, Library Services for Undergraduate Research

 and from


Useful Sites

Whether you are giving your presentation
in person, recording a voice-over, or making a video . . .

s p e a k    s l o w l y 

d o    n o t    r u s h

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