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Advanced Writing: Social Sciences

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05 March 2024

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What helps writing get easier?

"Brainstorming" and "Freewriting"

  1. researching an idea before begining to write about it
  2. liking the professor you are writing for
  3. Discussing the paper with others
  4. Outlining the ideas you have in the general formatt you want to use
  5. Good Directions
  6. A stimulus- an inspirationnal film, a favorite
  7. feeling ood about yourself, being in a good mood.
  8. Minimizing mistakes, maxamizing time.
  9. Short papers.
  10. Start a week before you think you should.
  11. Being interested in the subject.
  12. Practice, practice, practice............
  13. Having everything you need with you.
  14. Organize your time properly
  15. getting away from distractions.
  16. getting in the groove.
  17. When the focus is more on content
  18. playing scrabble helps some times..
  19. Classical Music
  20. getting things done befoe hand
  21. being able to ask for help
  22. spell check
  23. thesaurus

Day 15 -- Tuesday 12 March 200

  1. researching
  2. eliminating roomates/distractions
  3. outlining
  4. having a lot of different resources
  5. practice
  6. tutor
  7. eliminating the errors from the first assign.
  8. learnig/knowing how to freewrite/organize a paper
  9. writing when you feel in a "writing" mood
  10. feedback from others
  11. looking back on revisions from previous papers
  12. good notes
  13. beer
  14. orgaaaanizing notessss
  15. understandiiiig the assssnmnt
  16. leaving the paper and coming back to itc rcccefreshed
  17. writing on a subject that you like
  18. having others read over it
  19. start ahead of time
  20. remembering to write on every other line and not type writing habbits are hard to break



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