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Advanced Writing: Social Sciences

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04 March 2024

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What are the problems of studying a "foreign" culture as a social scientist?

"Brainstorming" and "Freewriting"

      1. Having enough knowledge of the culture without making misinterpretations.
      2. language
      3. Being to narrow minded
      4. everyone is biased
      5. forgetting details before getting a chance to take notes
      6. knowing what is normal or weird in the culture
      7. nonerbal body language is hard to encode
      8. different cultural norms
      9. experience is the only way to overcome most obstacles
      10. influence on the culture
      11. different customs
      12. words with multiple meanings
      13. Availability of travel/subjects
      14. $$$$$$
      15. being only an observer rather than participant/observer
      16. How can another culture be explained in terms of our own?
      17. holding different values/beliefs than foreigners, and not being biased.
      18. misinformation and/or lack of information
      19. possible spy
      20. Total immersion can be difficult especially in a small secluded culture
      21. pre-concieved notions about the other culture can hinder an objective outlook
      22. Not knowing the history of the culture


      Day 15 -- Tuesday 12 March 200

      1. not living within the culture
      2. finding relevant information
      3. not seeing or being within the culture long enough
      4. having to see through your own cultural lens
      5. having different views
      6. everybody sees something differant
      7. understanding culural jargon
      8. leaving biases behind
      9. total immersion helps to understand where they come from
      10. keeping it objective



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