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UMD Information on Incompletes

For more about incompletes, when they may be granted,
and exceptions to the general guidelines listed above,
read the University's Grading and Transcripts policy

From Carla L. Boyd, the UMD Registrar, 8 December 2020:

Here is the information and dates to wrap up fall 2020: 
  • Students will not be academically suspended (dismissed) for GPAs below a 2.0 cumulative U of MN and/or UMD Term GPA at the end of spring semester.  Please share this with your students in all 1000-5000 level classes, reducing student's anxiety. 
  • Relatively new to UMD is the ONLINE form students may use to request an Incomplete grade. The request form is available from One Stop Student Services.  Now more than ever, it is essential to have the contract/agreement documented.

    • Note: If not an active student, an error will result if "initiating" a request.  Instructors will receive an email and instructions for responding to any requests for incomplete grade considerations. Link to more information

In order to receive an "incomplete" in this course you must make prior arrangements.

In general, you will qualify for an incomplete only if—as per UM Policy (see above)—you have a very good reason for requesting one "due to extraordinary circumstances," and you have "successfully completed a substantial portion of the course's work with a passing grade" (with "substantial portion" meaning most, e.g., ca. 85% or more, of the course work).

At UMD . . . "After one year from the last day of final exams of the term you received the 'I,' it will automatically change to an 'F' or 'N,' depending on your grade basis."

"With the permission of the instructor, the incomplete can be made up even after it has lapsed to an 'F' (or 'N')."

Incomplete grades require a contract

"If an instructor agrees to give you an incomplete, both of you must sign a written agreement that specifies what work you will complete and the completion date. The period of time allowed by the contract may not be longer than one year."

If an extension is permitted, it is the responsibility of the student to obtain an Extension of Incomplete form, get the instructor's signature, and submit the form to the registrar before the deadline.

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