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Web Design Glossary: G


Gantt Chart
A Gantt chart is a representation of a schedule of activities or milestones over time. It is useful in project management.
GIF is an abbreviation for Graphics Interchange Format. It suited for flat color images and drawings. CompuServ created the format.
Consult Primary Navigation.
An image for a character in a particular font and style.
Graceful Degradation
Graceful degradation is a web design strategy. When you put in features designed to take advantage of the latest features of newer browsers, you should do it in a way that older browsers and other user agents can disable those particular features and still access the basic content and functionality of the web site. It is the opposite of progressive enhancement. For more information consult fault-tolerance/graceful degradation.
Granularity is the extent to which a larger piece of information has been broken down into smaller units.
Greek Text
Greek text is dummy text that is inserted into a web page to illustrate the position of the actual text on a page layout.
Abbreviation for "Graphical User Interface". It is pronounced "GOOEY".
Guidelines and Checklists
Guidelines and checklists help ensure that usability principles will be considered in a design. Usually, checklists are used in conjunction with a usability inspection method: the checklist gives inspectors a basis by which to compare the product. has a good set of Research Based Web Design and Usability Guidelines. Also consult Guidelines.