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Web Design Glossary: R


Rapid Prototyping
Rapid prototyping is the process of quickly generating mock-ups of what a website will look like.
Readability is the degree to which the meaning of text is understandable, based on the complexity of sentences and the difficulty of vocabulary. Indexes for readability usually rank usability by the age or grade level required for someone to be able to readily understand a reading passage.
Relative Sizing
Relative sizing is scalable. It is the opposite of absolute sizing. For usability and accessibility it is better to use relative rather than absolute sized units. Use relative units such as percent or ems. Many low-vision users make use of devices to enlarge content displayed on their monitors. By using relative units, these users are able to change the size of the text without much difficulty .For more information consult Relative Sizing.
Replaced Element
A replaced element is one that, when the page is rendered, its contents are replaced by something else. Examples of replaced elements include images, form inputs, and objects.
Responsive Web Design
Responsive Web Design is a technique for adapting a website's layout across multiple devices. It is comprised of three parts: media queries, fluid grids, and flexible images.>
RSS is a technology that notifies you when a web site is updated, and allows you to read the updates without visiting the site itself. For more information consult What is XML ( RSS) Syndication?
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