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Web Design Glossary: M


In CSS a margin is a property that allows the author to specify how much space will be inserted between other exterior elements and the current element border.
Markup is the textual description of data that provides information about the data type. It is the codes and characters that change a text document into a HTML or other Markup Language document. Text is marked up with elements, delineated by tags that are keywords contained in pairs of angle brackets.
MathML (Mathematical Markup Language)
A form of XML for making complex equations more accessible.
Media Access Generator (MAGpie)
MAGpie is a free tool available for download from the National Center for Accessible Media. This software lets you add captions to RealVideo, QuickTime, and Windows Media files. For more information consult MAGpie.
Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA)
Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA) is an interface for enabling assistive devices such as screen readers to work with software applications. It provides a standard means for client software and assistive technologies to communicate.
Using a computer to present multiple types of media simultaneously, in an integrated manner. These can include sound, graphics, video, text, animation, or any other form of information representation.
MySQL is a popular relational database system. It is open source and integrates well with PHP. In addition to supporting standard SQL (ANSI), it compiles on a number of platforms and has multithreading abilities on Unix servers, which make for great performance. MySQL is officially pronounced "My Ess Que Ell'' not MY-SEQUEL. But try to avoid correcting people who say MY-SEQUEL.