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Web Design Glossary: V


Valid HTML
A Web page or HTML document is considered valid when it complies with World Wide Web Consortium recommendations.
Validation is the process of verifying that markup, cascading style sheets, etc. comply with World Wide Web Consortium recommendations. You can use the W3C HTML Validator to verify that your pages meet the standards. It is important to use structural markup according to published formal grammars. For more information consult validation.
In CSS a value is a length, quality, type or URL assigned to a style property for an element. CSS properties each have specific ranges of value or token types, which may be declared for them.
In programming, variables represent data. Like all programming languages, PHP allows you to store bits of data in variables, and then to access that data by writing the variable's name. A variable is probably most simply explained as an area of memory set aside to store information, and it is assigned a particular identifier by the programmer. In PHP all variable names must start with the dollar sign character "$". There is no limit on the length of a variable. Variable names in PHP are case-sensitive.
Veranda is a humanist sans serif font designed by master typographer Matthew Carter. Microsoft commissioned Carter to create two faces specifically for web use, and the results were Veranda and Georgia (a serif face), probably they are good general-purpose faces available for low-resolution displays of the web. Verdana's, regular spacing makes it more readable on screen. Cartier has said that "Wider spacing wasn't enough, it also had to be more regular, this was thing that gave it an advantage in readability. Verdana really isn't wide, the sensation of width comes from the spacing".
vertical-align is a CSS property that affects the vertical positioning inside a line box of the boxes generated by an inline-level element. It applies only to inline elements, although that includes replaced elements such as images and form inputs. It is not inherited. Element content is typically vertically centered on a rendered line (with extra line-height amounts distributed equally on the top and bottom.) This property allows inline content boxes to be vertically aligned with respect to several different criteria on a rendered line.
Visual Disability
A visual disability is a condition of a person who experiences partial or total loss of vision.
Voice Input
Voice Input software recognizes voice commands, and responds accordingly.
A Mac and iOS screenreader and accessibility tool.
Voice Output
Voice output computer programs read the screen to a user.
Voice Recognition Software
Voice recognition programs recognize a person's voice and its various characteristics. This term is closely related to voice input. It is software that can be trained to recognize a person's voice, and either execute commands, or turn the voice into text or other forms of media such as sign language for the deaf.
Voice XML
A type of XML that allows the user to interact with a web page using voice recognition software.
Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT)
A voluntary product accessibility template is a tool to document a product's conformance with the accessibility standards under U.S. Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. It can assist buyers in making preliminary accessibility assessments.