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"Glocalization" is an historical process whereby localities develop direct economic and cultural relationships to the global system through information technologies, bypassing and subverting traditional power hierarchies like national governments and markets.

Duluth Lake Walk The term glocalization is ambiguous and contested, however, denoting both:

In contrast, "globalization" is often used as a term to suggest the historical processes leading to a more one-way relationship between the "global" realm inhabited by multinational corporations, the entertainment industry, CNN, the Web, etc. and a subjugated "local" realm where the identity-affirming senses of place, neighborhood, town, locale, ethnicity, etc. survive (if just barely) against the global onslaught of global capitalism, media, and network identities.

Wayne Gabardi writes,

"[Glocalization is marked by the] development of diverse, overlapping fields of global-local linkages ... [creating] a condition of globalized panlocality....what anthropologist Arjun Appadurai calls deterritorialized, global spatial 'scapes' (ethnoscapes, technoscapes, finanscapes, mediascapes, and ideoscapes).... This condition of glocalization… represents a shift from a more territorialized learning process bound up with the nation-state society to one more fluid and translocal. Culture has become a much more mobile, human software employed to mix elements from diverse contexts. With cultural forms and practices more separate from geographic, institutional, and ascriptive embeddenness, we are witnessing what Jan Nederveen Pieterse refers to as postmodern 'hybridization.'" (Wayne Gabardi, Negotiating Postmodernism, 33-34)

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