Craig Stroupe
Associate Professor of Digital Writing, Literature, and Design (DWLD);
Director of Graduate Studies, English MA Program

Department of English, Linguistics, and Writng Studies | 1201 Ordean Court # 420 | University of Minnesota Duluth | Duluth, MN 55812 | 218-726-6249 | fax 218-726-6882 |

quoteAt a dinner for a famous Visiting Author..., the guest of honor, who was sitting next to me, asked what I did on campus. I rattled on briefly about “advising faculty” and “online pedagogy.”

Listening carefully, the Visiting Author’s eyes cleared after a moment. She pulled back from me slightly as if to get a better look and said, “You mean distance education?"—as if I had been struggling to find a euphemistic way of explaining that I handled the campus’s medical waste."

— from "Making Distance Presence: The Compositional Voice in Online Learning" published in Computers and Composition (September 2003)

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