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quoteMost of us can still remember the sounds of drills grinding and rattling through cinderblock walls when crews first installed Ethernet cables in faculty office buildings.

Did that racket signal the first breaching of what Gerald Graff has called the "systematic non-relation" among disciplines, which keeps the university from realizing its social and intellectual mission, or were we hearing only stop-gap dental work near the end of the century to keep the old university from losing its teeth altogether?"

from "Technologizing the Conflicts: Graff and the Web" in Pedagogy. More on my scholarship.

Academic Programs in New Media, Digital Humanities, or Visual Studies
Programs in Multimedia (courtesy Edward Lee Lamoureux, Bradley U.)
Michigan Tech Humanities Department
University of California, Irvine, Graduate Program in Visual Studies
University of California Santa Barbara Literature and the Culture of Information (Alan Liu)
University of California San Diego, Art and Media History, Theory, and Criticism (Lev Manovich).

Campus Resources at the University of Minnesota Duluth
Blogging at UMD (free) through Uthink
Bobby (Accessibility Test Site for Web pages)
CGI scripts for Web Forms
"Creating, Storing, and Linking Pages to the UMD Web Site"
ITSS Equipment Checkout
Visualization and Digital Imaging Lab
Images Library (U of Minn)
Student Web Contest
UMD Lab Hours and Class Reserve Times
WWW Publishing Guidelines (U of Minn)
Word Mark Site (U of Minn)

HTML Color Names
O'Reilly's Color Names
"Color, Contrast, and Dimension in News Design" (*
Color Matters
RGB/HSB Color Picker
Rich Franzen's Wheel of Saturation, Intensity, and Hue color tutorial "
Color, Contrast, and Dimension

Cultural Studies
Blackwell Publishing's list of cultural studies resources
T.V. Reed's Popular Culture Resources (Washington State U)
Vintage TV Commercials (Duke University Library)

Digital Humanities and New Media Studies
Association of Internet Researchers
Center for Digital Discourse and Culture (Virginia Polytechnic U)
Google's Ngram Viewer (

GUIdebook: the Graphic Use Interface Gallery
Information Design Journal
Institute for New Media Studies (U of Minnesota Twin Cities)
Invent-l listserv in Gainesville, FL (University of Florida, Greg Ulmer)
Metafilter ("Weblog as Conversation")
Mithologies (Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities)
Oxford Internet Institute (Oxford University, UK)
Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies (U of Washington) (art using new media) (David Gauntlett, U of Leeds, UK)
trAce Online Writing Community (Nottingham Trent U, U.K.)

Design Samples

Screen Real Estate

Digital Culture: Comment and Manifestos
Greg Ulmer's Electronic Monumentality site

Jakob Nielsen's Website
Jakob Nielsen's "The End of Web Design"
Cluetrain Manifesto
A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace (John Perry Barlow)
Celebrating Holiday on Web Sites (Jakob Nielsen)
Needing Science, Receiving Art (David Walker)
Persuasive Architecture (Bryan Eisenberg, see also "Uncovering...")
Competition for Links on the Web (David Pennock, et al.)
The Semantic Web (Tim Bernes-Lee, et al.)

Peter Morville on the ethics of labeling and granularity
Internet Scout Report
Copyright: Fair Use Exemption

Online Narrative
253 (Geoff Ryman's novel for the Internet)
Black People Love Us!
Fall of the Site of Marsha (Rob Wittig)
Noon Quilt (trAce)
Three Hypertexts (Adrienne Eisen)
My Millennium (edited by Christie Sheffield Sanford)
Dark Lethe

Digital and Network Culture

Flags of the World
site (Josh Parsons)
Forever Network (virtual cemetery) - see also: HBO documentary The Young and the Dead
The Human Clock
Jump the Shark
Implementation (Nick Montfort and Scott Rettberg)

Michèle V. Cloonan (UCLA)
William H. Dutton (Oxford Internet Institute)
Lester Faigley (U Texas Austin)
Laura Gurak (University of MN Twin Cities)
Katherine Hayles (UCLA)
Jeremy Hunsinger (Virginia Tech)
Henry Jenkins (MIT)
Bill Keaggy (St. Louis Post Dispatch)
Barry Mauer (U of Central Florida)
Christian Sandvig (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
David Silver (U of Washington)
Alan Sondheim
Stelarc (Austrailian performance artist)
Sue Thomas (Nottingham Trent University, trAce)
Edward Tufte (Yale U)
Greg Ulmer (University of FL)
Rob Wittig (Univ of Minn Duluth)
Guru watch

Reference Works Online
Bartlet's Familiar Quotations
Oxford English Dictionary (OED)


Tutorials for Software and Design
Adobe's Expert Center
Cascading Style Sheets (UMD)
Dreamweaver (UMD)
Dreamweaver (Designer Info)
Dreamweaver Basics (Lynda Weinman)
Graphics tutorial (Designer Info)
PageMaker 6.5 (London Coll of Music & Media)
PageMaker 6.5 (U of Illinois)
Photoshop (UMD)
Photoshop (Beginning, Designer Info)
Photoshop techniques from
Digital Mastery.
Photoshop techniques from
Digital Mastery.
Photoshop Madness from
The Design Process (Desktop Publishing, Designer Info)
Safari Tech Books online (via UMD library)
Craig's Techniques Site.

Visual Culture and Rheroric
Gallery of Data Visualization (York U, Canada)
Re-Visions of Minard (Michael Friendly, York U.)
Geovisualization and Minard's Map (what can be done with Minard's map)
article on logos (
Sage Visualization Group
Google's Image Search
Flickr (picture sharing site)
Periodic Table of Visualization Methods

Voice on the Web
Black People Love Us!
Easties Update Blog
web services
WebSideStory search (formerly Atomz).[Choose Products > Express Search]
GIF and JPG Cruncher from Spinwave
flickr (photo-sharing site) (free personal blogging) (blogging services)
PDF Converter available online from Adobe (five times' use free)

Writing Resources
APA Style (Ohio State University Newark)
APA Style (Maxwell Library)
APA Style (Vanguard University)
APA Style (Rensselaer University Writing Center)
MLA Citation and Documentation.(Purdue University Online Writing Center)