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QuotationTechnique is just a means of arriving at a statement."

- Jackson Pollock

Inserting a Visible Image into a Moodle Forum message

1. Size and optimize the image, and save the image in a web-compatible file format (.jpg, .gif, .png) in a folder: "www/XXXX/exercises/assets" (with XXXX representing the course number)

2. Upload the image file to your web space to appear there in the folder "XXXX/exercises/assets"

3. Open the image with your browser, and copy the URL from the location bar at the top.

4. In the Moodle forum, choose to post a message

5. Click the "Insert Image" icon at the top of the compose message screen (if you don't see the command icons at the top of the window, you may be using an unsupported browser such as Safari--try another browser).

6. In the "Insert Image" window, paste the URL of your image into the "Image URL" box and type in some "Alternative text."

7. Click OK to close the "Insert Image" window

8. Click "Post to forum"