Viktor V. Zhdankin


Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
1038 University Drive, 126 HCAMS
University of Minnesota Duluth 
Duluth, Minnesota 55812
Phone: (218) 726-6902
Fax: (218) 726-7394

BS/MS, 1978, Moscow State University
Ph.D., 1981, Moscow State University 
Dr.Chem.Sci., 1987, Moscow State University
Senior Research Associate, 1990-1993,
University of Utah

Organic chemistry

Exploratory Synthetic Organic Chemistry of Hypervalent Main-Group Elements: preparation, identification and uses of new hypervalent organic derivatives of iodine, xenon, selenium, phosphorus

Green and Sustainable Chemistry: development of catalytic and recyclable systems based on hypervalent iodine chemistry

Synthesis of Heterocycles

Synthetic Organic Chemistry of Fluorine: organic reactions of powerful fluorinating reagents; synthetic application of fluoroorganic compounds

   Organic Chemistry textbook (Zhdankin & Grundt)

   Solutions Manual (Grundt, Mereddy, & Zhdankin)

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