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 Culture and Personality 

(Psychological Anthropology)

  Margaret Mead
 Zhuangzi dreaming of a butterfly
(or a butterfly dreaming of Zhuangzi)


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Mustard seed.
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Culturally Constituted Behavioral Environment
Species Specific
Behavioral Environment

see also
  Optical Illusions
 Altered States of Consciousness (ASC)
Culture-bound Syndromes



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"Culturally Constituted Behavioral Environment" (CCBE)
a key concept especially in Culture and Personlity studies, was the contribution of
  A. Irving Hallowell



A.I. Hallowell.

1892 – 1974

Culture and Experience
  • Bear Ceremonialism in the Northern Hemisphere (1926)
  • The Role of Conjuring in Saulteaux Society (1942)
  • Culture and Experience (1955)
  • Contributions to Anthropology (1976)
  A. Irving Hallowell -- Wikipedia


Species Specific
Behavioral Environment

(The original B-EYE site seems to be off of the web. An archived site, courtesy of Pandora: Australia's Web Archive, can be found at <>

 Views of a butterfly through a cat's and a human eye.



Sex Specific
Behavioral Environment

    Ask Marilyn banner.

    Do men and women see color the same way,
    or are women more sensitive to variation and intensity?
    —Leo Campbell, Portland, Ore.

    The only difference is that color blindness affects
    about 20 times as many males as females
    (2 March 2008)

    Color vision test chart, black and white.

    Color vision test chart, color.


Optical Illusions and Reality
slides: (.pdf) (.pptx)
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[see note on slide formats]

Course Resource:
  Optical Illusions Course WebPage

In which direction is the dancer turning ? . . .

Can you get her to reverse her direction ?

Spinning Optical Illusion


Go to the "Magic Eye" page and look at the Image of the Week
until you see the 3D image

Click on the image on the magic eye page for help, if necessary

Magic Eye©

 Unidentified White Horse, Wikimedia
  Magic Eye©


Species Specific
Behavioral Environment

Sex Specific
Behavioral Environment

Special Effects Specific
Behavioral Environment

Culturally Constituted
Behavioral Environment

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