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 Culture and Personality 

(Psychological Anthropology)

  Margaret Mead
 Zhuangzi dreaming of a butterfly
(or a butterfly dreaming of Zhuangzi)


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Friday, 01 December 2023, 11:06 (11:06 AM) CST, day 335 of 2023

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Clicker Training

Duncan and Tim Roufs
  Dog Clicker Training

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 Animal Welfare / Animal Rights


  Clicker training
 Animal training 
 Dog training 
  Horse training
 Operant conditioning

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In the News . . .

  • Pryor, Karen. Getting Started: Clicker Training for Dogs. 2004.
  • Pryor, Karen. Reaching the Animal Mind: Clicker Training and What It Teaches Us About All Animals. NY: Scribner, 2009.

  • Skinner, B.F. About Behaviorism. NY: Vintage Books, 1976.

  • Spector, Morgan. Clicker Training for Obedience. Waltham, MA: Sunshine Books, 1999.

  • Tillman, Peggy. Clicking with Your Dog. Waltham, MA: Sunshine Books, 1999.
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