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ANTH 3888: Calendar f2022

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Anthropology of Food

to Sweet Treats around the World

What FoodAnthro is Reading Now . . .
. Thursday, 07 July 2022, 03:15 (03:15 AM) CDT, day 188 of 2022 .
Wikipedia: Food | Food and drink | Food culture | Food history | Food Portal

Wikipedia Categories: Food and Drink | History of Food and Drink | Historical Foods

World Food and Water Clock

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Sicilian ice-cream in a bread bun. A good solution to a local problem: the Mediterranean heat quickly melts the ice-cream, which is absorbed by the bread.
"Palermo, Sicily
A Fistful of Rice.
A Fistfull of Rice
Claire Kathleen Roufs eating first food at 5 months.
Claire Kathleen Roufs

Eating rat.
"Eating Rat At The New Year"
National Geographic
Desert People, boy eating "grub worm"
Desert People

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Anthroplogy of Food


(The total number of points available will depend on new discoveries and announcements that appear during the semester. New topics will be added as appropriate. In the end, "participation" will likely account for about* 25% of your grade)

see also Netiquette

Forums, Wikis, Live Chats, Feedback, Assessments, and Other Interactive Activities . . . are an important part of this course.

Articulate sharing of views leading to informed discussion lies at the heart of higher education.

The various requirements are detailed on the course Moodle page, and include a variety of activities ranging from Forums, to Wikis, to Live Chats, and occasionally encompassing feedback, assessments, and other interactive activities.

Everyone is expected to participate in all the discussion forums, as well as the other interactive activities such as the Wikis, feedback surveys, and the like. These participation and collaborative activities will give you a richer learning experience.

And submission of one or more questions for the Midterm and Final exams allows you to participate in defining important content of the course.


Forums, Wikis, Live Chats, Feedback, Assessments, and Other Interactive Activities . . . .

These activities are detail on the Moodle course page.

New topics will be added as they arise in the news and/or as part of class discussions.

Due dates for posting and responding to issues and events are indicated individually with each assignment.

Points for Forum posts

AVISO: Unexcused late assignments receive no credit

Midterm and Final Exam Questions . . . .

For the midterm and final exams make up a question and post it on the class exam wikis. These questions will serve, in part, as study questions for the exams. Due dates . . .

f2022 Midterm Exam Submitted Question Due by the end of Week 4, Saturday, 24 September 2022

Early next week you can review the questions and my comments there, and use them as study questions
f2022 Final Exam Submitted Question due by the end of Week 14, by Saturday, 3 December 2022

AVISO: Unexcused late assignments receive no credit


Presentation . . . .

At the end of the semester you will need to share your semester research findings with your classmates. The "Presentation" listed as class participation, is the presentation of the results of your project, which in most cases will be a summary of your term paper topic and how you went about investigating it.

Your final project can be (a) a video presentation, (b) a web based presentation, or (c) a PowerPoint presentation on the same topic as your paper. Essentually your presentation is a report on your research project for the semester.

(a) Video projects should be 10-12 minutes long.

(b) Web projects should have between 10-20 interactive pages.

(c) PowerPoint projects should be well-crafted and professional, and about 25-30 slides in length.

f2022 On-line Presentation (up to 100 points)
due on-line in Canvas by the end of Week 13, Saturday, 26 November 2022

AVISO: Unexcused late assignments receive no credit


Evaluations and Assessments . . . .

At the end of the semester you will also be asked to evaluate the course, indicating the three things you liked best and the three things you liked least about the course.

    f2022 Final Evaluation due on-line by the last day of the term, Friday, 16 December 2022
    AVISO: Unexcused late assignments receive no credit


NOTE: For most of the items used in class you have the option to change the displays according to your preferences.

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