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Online Texts -- the Internet Public Library

Google Book Search

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Ngram Viewer -- Google Books

["Today, over 25 million books in the public domain are available online via Google Books. The Google Books Ngram Viewer is a tool that allows researchers, along with the generally curious, to perform a text search on all of these books in order to uncover major trends, vocabulary, and themes over time. By simply typing a name or word into the search box (e.g. "Shakespeare") and selecting a time frame (e.g. the years 1700-1900) users can instantly view a line graph to see how often that word appeared in books by publication date. Users can also select a narrow date range (which will appear underneath the graph) in order to explore specific titles featuring the selected term. Google Books Ngram Viewer allows users to compare the frequency of multiple keywords or names by using commas to separate variables." MMB -- The Scout Report, March 3, 2017, Volume 23 Number 9]

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Project Gutenberg

LibriVox -- free audiobooks of public domain works

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    [OAPEN is an online library that currently holds 2,500 open-access scholarly books. The site is maintained by the OAPEN Foundation, a non-profit organization established by a coalition of Dutch universities and libraries that is based out of the National Library in the Hague. The OAPEN Foundation collaborates with 100 publishers from eighteen different countries, including many universes presses, in order to provide librarians, researchers, and the general public with peer reviewed books about a variety of subjects. Users can browse through books by subject or filter by language. (The majority of books on this site are in English, although many are in Dutch, French, and Italian as well. Twenty-three languages are represented in total). While OAPEN includes items across all academic disciplines, the majority of books available on this site are in the social sciences and humanities. The collection is continuing to grow and users can subscribe to a newsletter to receive updates. (MMB --The Scout Report, July 22, 2016, Volume 22, Number 28)]

  • On-Line Biology Book -- Maricopa Community College

  • Online Gallery -- British Library

  • Open Culture [free cultural & educational media]

  • Open Library [Open Library is an open, editable library catalog with an attractive facade and a lofty mission. The mission? To build an online catalog with a web page for every book ever published. The best part? You can help. From the homepage, click Sign Up, then create a free Open Library account in two simple steps. From there, add new books, write descriptions, manage lists, and generally enjoy contributing to one of the most exciting library projects on the web. Of course, you don’t need an account to browse the site, with its 20 million records (and counting). Simply click Authors, Subjects, Recently, or Lists to search the site by category, or type a keyword into the general search function. [CNH] -- The Scout Report]

  • The Online Books Page -- John Mark Ockerbloom, University of Pennsylvania

  • Project Gutenberg

  • Project REVEAL -- Harry Ransom Center Digital Collections, The University of Texas at Austin

  • The Public Domain Review

    "As the team behind The Public Domain Review notes, a large number of archival materials have been digitized over the past twenty years, making it possible for people around the globe to examine and even experience the past. A number of websites have cropped up to curate and provide context to these fascinating archival collections. Among them, The Public Domain Review stands out for two reasons. First, the PDR offers a remarkable diversity of archival materials by inviting contributions from scholars of all disciplines. Secondly, materials are thoughtfully presented, which makes reading an informative and engaging treat. Whenever any form of media is no longer protected by copyright law, it enters the public domain. The Public Domain Review is dedicated to collecting and curating this material in one place. Launched in 2011, the online journal and not-for-profit project features numerous images, complete books, audio clips, and videos. These materials range from the peculiar to the poignant, providing insight into both everyday life and extraordinary oddities. One can watch a 1916 adaptation of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (the first movie filmed underwater), view a gallery of beards, or read Queen Victoria's teenaged diary. Yet, The Public Domain Review offers more than a collection of intriguing ephemera. The project also publishes long-form essays that contextualize and analyze public domain material. In addition, the site features a monthly Curator's Choice series, where curators from around the world share public domain material from their institution's collections. Interested readers may subscribe to an email Newsletter to receive bi-weekly notifications about the latest article and the most interesting content featured in the Review." -- The Scout Report, Volume 23, Number 21, 26 May 2017

  • Rare Book Room

  • Shakespeare Bookshelf -- Internet Public Library

  • Shakespeare in Quarto -- British Library

  • Stanford Medieval and Modern Thought Text Project
  • Text Collections -- University of Michigan

  • Turning the Pages -- British Library

  • Unrestricted Resources -- University of Michigan

  • Victorian Women Writers Project -- Indiana University

  • Wired for Books [RealOne Player] -- Ohio University

  • The Women's Library of the London School of Economics (LSE)

  • Words Without Borders -- The Online Magazine for International Literature

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