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Language and Communication

In the News

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The wisdom of disappearing languages -- MPR (WEDNESDAY, DEC. 3, 2003)

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After E.A. Hoebel, Anthroplogy: The Study of Man, 4th ed. (NY: McGraw-Hill, 1972.)

In the news . . .

New Book Chronicles Asia, North America Language Link -- EurekAlert (29 June 2010)

A Person's Language May Influence How He Thinks About Other People -- EurekAlert (12 July 2010)

Languages Use Different Parts of Brain -- Science News (05 April 2010)

Songbird DNA May Offer Clues To Human Speech -- NPR (01 April 2010)

Sensual Sounds Can Get Lost In Translation -- NPR (19 March 2010)

Bilingual Babies Learn Language in the Womb -- Discovery News (17 February 2010)

Saving Endangered Languages from Being Forgotten -- ScienceDaily (28 January 2010)

Carnegie Mellon Scientists Crack Brain's Codes for Noun Meanings -- EurekAlert (12 January 2010)

How Do We Understand Written Language? -- EurekAlert (16 December 2009)

The teens who can barely talk - they only have an 800 word vocabulary -- Luke Salkeld, MailOnline (11 January 2010)

Speech Gene Shows Its Bossy Nature -- New York Times (11 November 2009)

Words, Gestures Are Translated By Same Brain Regions -- ScienceDaily (10 November 2009)

Babies May Pick Up Language Cues In Womb -- NPR (06 November 2009)

What is unique in the brain of an Arabic speaker? -- EurekAlert (04 November 2009)

A Gene Critical for Speech -- Science News (23 September 2009)

A Language of Smiles -- New York Times (27 October 2009)

Vive la Différence of Languages -- New Scientist (25 October 2009)

A Gene Critical for Speech -- Science News (23 October 2009)

Classifying 'Clicks' In African Languages To Clear Up 100-year-old Mystery -- ScienceDaily (16 July 2009)

Language May Be Key to Theory of Mind -- New Scientist (23 June 2009)

Thousands of languages face extinction -- (19 February 2009)


From Anthropology in the News, Texas A&M Anthropology

Deaf People Feel Their Way to Speech New Scientist (9/14/08)

Why Are 'Mama' and 'Dada' a Baby's First Words? LiveScience (8/27/08)

Does Language Determine Thought? Nature (8/19/08)

One Language Disappears Every 14 Days Los Angeles Times (9/19/07)


Tracking the Evolution of Language Los Angeles Times (10/11/07)


Punctuation Marks in Language Evolution? Science (1/31/08)


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