Northland Advanced Transportation Systems Research Laboratory (NATSRL)
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Principle Investigator


Developing an Intelligent Decision Support System for the Proactive Implementation of Traffic Safety Strategies Hongyi Chen Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
Integrated Approach for Nonintrusive Detection of Driver Drowsiness Xun Yu Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
Infrared Thermal Camera-Based Real-Time Identification and Tracking of Large Animals to Prevent Animal-Vehicle Collisions (AVCs) On Roadways Debao Zhou Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
Development of a Portable Traffic Safety Information System for Congested US Roadways using V2V-assisted V2I communication using DSRC technology Imran Hayee Electrical & Computer Engineering
A Tracking Based Traffic Performance Measurement System for Roundabouts and Intersections Hua Tang Electrical & Computer Engineering
Deployment and Field Testing of Novel Water and Ice Sensor Systems on Bridge Decks John Evans Chemistry & Biochemistry
An Onboard Virtual Rumble-Strip Based Operation for Road Departure Warning Jiann-Shiou Yang Electrical & Computer Engineering
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