Northland Advanced Transportation Systems Research Laboratory (NATSRL)
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Principle Investigator


Cellular Wireless Mesh Sensor Network for Comprehensive Spatial Traffic Movement Detection and Data Fusion: Phase 2 Taek Kwon Electrical & Computer Engineering
Development of a New Tracking System based on CMOS Vision Processor Hardware: Phase 2 Hua Tang Electrical & Computer Engineering
Real-time Nonintrusive-Detection of Driver Drowsiness Xun Yu Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
Facilitating Coordination between Agencies involved in Traffic Incident Management Robert Feyen Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
Detection of Water and Ice on Bridge Structures by AC Impedance and Dielectric Relaxation Spectroscopy John Evans Chemistry & Biochemistry
Snow Rendering for Interactive Snowplow Simulation - Supporting Safety in Snowplow Design Peter Willemsen Computer Science
Systematic Proactive Installation of ITS Safety Strategies for Maximizing Cost-Effectiveness (Seed Research) Hongyi Chen Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
Development of Carbon-Nanotube/Cement composite for Traffic Flow Detection (Seed Research) Xun Yu Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
Improve safety and efficiency of roadway maintenance using robotics feasibility study (Seed Research) Ryan Rosandich Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
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