Northland Advanced Transportation Systems Research Laboratory (NATSRL)
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Principle Investigator


Benchmarking Analysis of Fleet Performance and Maintenance (Fleet II) David Wyrick Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
Duluth Entertainment & Convention Center (DECC) Special Events Traffic Flow Study: Phase II - Mobility Monitoring and Performance Measure via Dynamic Travel Time Prediction Jiann Shiou Yang Electrical & Computer Engineering
Minnesota Taconite as a Microwave-absorbing Road Aggregate Material for De-icing and Pothole Patching Aplications: A Concept Evaluation David Hopstock and Larry Zanko Natural Resources Research Institute - UMD
NATSRL Education & Outreach Program Carolyn Crouch, Don Crouch, and Rich Maclin Computer Science
Operation of Transportation Data Center at Transportation Data Research Laboratory (TDRL): Archival of Large-scaled Transportation Data, Analysis Tool Developments, and On-line Data Support Taek Kwon Electrical & Computer Engineering
Quantification of Uncertainty in Transportation Infrastructure Projects Ryan Rosandich Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
Snowplow Operations & Resource Management Martha Wilson Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
Survey & Evaluation of Ice/Snow Detection Technologies: Continuation of '03 Project Mohammed Hasan and Fernando Rios-Gutiérrez Electrical & Computer Engineering
Analysis, Modeling, and Measurement of the Time Domain Inductive Loop Detector Response for Vehicle Type Identification and Speed Measurement: Continuation of On-going Project Stan Burns Electrical & Computer Engineering
Advanced Timber Bridge Inspection Techniques: Mn/DOT Implementation Brian Brashaw Natural Resources Research Institute - UMD

If reports are not available on-line, please call 218-726-8325 for a copy.

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