Northland Advanced Transportation Systems Research Laboratory (NATSRL)
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Principle Investigator


Fleet Asset Life Cycle Costing with Intelligent Vehicles David Wyrick Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
Automatic Detection of RWIS Sensor Malfunctions - A NATSRL Education & Outreach Project Carolyn Crouch, Don Crouch, and Rich Maclin Computer Science
Operation of Transportation Data Center at Transportation Data Research Laboratory (TDRL): Data Acquisition and Archiving of Large-scaled Transportation Data, Analysis Tool Development, and Online Data Support Taek Kwon Electrical & Computer Engineering
Modeling Issues Associated with Sensor Technologies for the Non-destructive Evaluation of Timber Bridges Harlan Stech, Guihua Fei, and Zhuangyi Liu Mathematics and Statistics
Analysis, Modeling, and Measurement of the Time Domain Inductive Loop Detector Response and Comparison with the Banner Engineering Magneto-resistive Sensor with Application to Vehicle Type Identification for Vehicle Type Identification and Speed Measurement: Continuation of On-going Project Stan Burns Electrical & Computer Engineering
Development of Flexural Vibration Inspection Techniques To Rapidly Assess the Structural Health of Rural Bridge Systems Brian Brashaw Natural Resources Research Institute - UMD
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