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Peoples and Cultures of Europe

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Society for the Anthropology of Europe

Countries, Cultures, Regions, and Territories of Europe

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Europa and the Bull, Moreay.

Europa and the Bull

Enlèvement d'Europe
  Nöel-Nicolas Coypel, c. 1726

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*European Community (EU) Member Countries

(53) (52) (51) (50)

general Europe resources page

NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)

["America"] * Austria    • * Belgium
    * Netherlands
    * Luxembourg
   •   England

      Northern Ireland

Central Europe

    * Poland
    * Slovakia
    * Slovenia

Baltic States
* Estonia
    * Latvia
    * Lithuania


    Iberian Peninsula  
* Germany * Greece
    * Portugal
    * Spain
* Ireland
    [Republic of]
      See also individual country and sub-region
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  Scanandavia Southeastern Europe  
      * Norway
    * Sweden
    * Denmark
    * Finland
    * Iceland

      Bosnia &





      Serbia &


* Switzerland
Transnational Peoples    

      Gypsy (Rom) 
       & Traveler
      Saami (Lapps)

 Turkey (* in 2015?)
Other Small Continental Countries and Regions
Other Small Insular Countries and Regions

      Holy See (aka "Vatican City")
      The Most Serene Republic of San Marino


     Canary Islands (Spain)

     Channel Islands
       Jersey Bailiwick
        Gernsey Bailiwick

   * Cyprus


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*European Community (EU) Member Countries

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