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Anthropology of Europe
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Countries, Cultures, Regions, and Territories of Europe

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Europa and the Bull, Moreay.

Europa and the Bull

Enlèvement d'Europe
  Nöel-Nicolas Coypel, c. 1726


Map of Greece -- Thumbnail.

enlarged map
The World Factbook

Lonely Planet map


Hera, queen of the Olympian gods, sister and wife of Zeus.
sister and wife of Zeus

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Flag of Greece.   Click for national anthem.
national anthem


Ancient Greece

Greek Dictionaries

Google Search: Society > Ethnicity > Greek

Greece -- Wikipedia

Europe > Lists and Tables -- Wikipedia

search Greece on JSTOR

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Greek Church.

Greek Church, Corfu

Apollo Temple, Delphi.

Apollo Temple, Delphi

From Anthropology in the News, Texas A&M Anthropology

Greece Unearths Treasures at Alexander's Birthplace Reuters (9/11/08)

Over 1,400 Ancient Graves Found in Greek Metro Dig Yahoo (9/11/08)

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Greek Church, Naxos.

Greek Church, Naxos

Map of the Ottoman Empire.


Ottoman Empire Map

from Imperial History of the Middle East: 5000 Years of History in 90 seconds -- Maps of War

The 90 second synopsis includes . . .

  • Note the recapitulation in about 3.5 seconds
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