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Advanced Writing: Social Sciences

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23 June 2024

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Project #01

Descriptive Incident Report
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  • (P#1) Venture #1 includes a short descriptive incident report on a video program viewed in class. Focus on descriptive writing.

  • This case concerns a social situation with which you are hopefully unfamiliar. We have selected an incident unknown to most because we want everyone in class to write from a common (i.e., shared), yet unfamiliar, data base.

    • We will watch a video of an unusual social situation with which you are probably unfamiliar. So that you can better focus on "pure" description, we will probably watch the video with the sound off.

    • During the video take notes on what you see.

    • As soon as possible after you have taken any notes, sit down and expand on your notes. (If you are working on an interview rather than looking at video -- cf., for e.g., Project #2 -- go somewhere close by immediately after the interview and write up your notes.) Expanding on your notes is especially important if you did not tape an interview, or if you can not see the video a second time. So . . . it would be a good idea if as soon as possible after class as you possibly can, you sit down somewhere and expand on your notes from the video seen in class.

  • You will base your first paper on the video presented in class, supplemented -- if you like -- by your choice of materials from the Library.

  • Length: 4- 6 well-written double-spaced pages; minimum length = 4 pages.

  • Due at the end of the Week 03.

  • Information about Handing in Your Paper

    Note: This paper is required, but ungraded; comments on this work, however, will be considered in future evaluation of your work.

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