Understanding Global Cultures
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Understanding Global Cultures

  Fall Semester 2015

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Tuesday 05 September 2006
Week 01 Day 01

Tuesday 05 September 2006
Week 01 Day 01


  • Welcome to Global Cultures!

Feature of the Day

  • Introduction / Orientation to Understanding Global Cultures (slides 01A)

    • What do I already know about Global Cultures?
    • Introduction to You: Meet Yourselves
    • What would you like to know about your profs?
    • What do you expect to get out of this class?

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      • participation

        • including GCforum -- more about this next time

          • At a minimum of once a week post a meaningful message on the class discussion on-line chat board located at GCforum
            • at least one topic of your weekly posting(s) should be related to the class topic(s) of the week
            • i.e., in Week 02, for example, you should discuss a topic related to what is happening in class during Week 02
            • at the very end of the semester, i.e., in Week 15, post a course evaluation of the class itself

      • exams (2 midterms and a final) -- more about this next time



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Thursday 07 September 2006
Week 01 Day 02

Thursday 07 September 2006
Week 01 Day 02



Features of the Day


Old Business




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