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 Anthropology of Food
Thursday, 03 September 2015, 08:00 (08:00 AM) CDT, day 246 of 2015
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Sicilian ice-cream in a bread bun. A good solution to a local problem: the Mediterranean heat quickly melts the ice-cream, which is absorbed by the bread.
"Palermo, Sicily
A Fistful of Rice.
A Fistfull of Rice
Claire Kathleen Roufs eating first food at 5 months.
Claire Kathleen Roufs
Eating rat.
"Eating Rat At
The New Year
National Geographic
Desert People, boy eating "grub worm"
Desert People



(The History and Development of)

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Food HIstory

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see also individual countries and cultures, and individual foods . . .

Restaurant -- Wikipedia

The Food Timeline

Tehuacan maize.
Early Maize Cobbs -- Tehuacán Valley

In the News . . .

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