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Peter F. Drucker Bibliography: Books and Articles available via the Kathryn A. Martin Library

The Man Who Invented Management
Peter Drucker's Monumental Legacy
Books By Peter Drucker
Books About Peter Drucker
Articles By Peter Drucker
Newspaper Articles By Peter Drucker
Obituary (11/11/05)
"What Executives Should Remember"
Business Week Cover with Peter Drucker


Peter Ferdinand Drucker (November 19, 1909 - November 11, 2005) was a writer, management
consultant, and self-described "social ecologist". Widely considered to be "the father of
modern management," his 39 books and countless scholarly and popular articles explored
how humans are organized across all sectors of society.in business, government and the
nonprofit world. His writings have predicted many of the major developments of the late
twentieth century, including privatization and decentralization; the rise of Japan to
economic world power; the decisive importance of marketing; and the emergence of the
information society with its necessity of lifelong learning. In 1959, Drucker coined the
term "knowledge worker" and later in his life considered knowledge work productivity to
be the next frontier of management.

Drucker's books have been translated into more than thirty languages. Two are novels, one
an autobiography. He is the co-author of a book on Japanese painting, and made eight
series of educational films on management topics. He also penned a regular column in the
Wall Street Journal for 20 years and contributed frequently to the Harvard Business
Review, The Atlantic Monthly, and The Economist. He continued to act as a consultant to
businesses and non-profit organizations well into his nineties. Drucker died November 11,
2005 in Claremont, California of natural causes at 95.  (Text taken from "Peter Drucker"
Wikipedia.org 7/27/09)


Books By Peter Drucker

Men, Ideas, and Politics, 2010 - JA76 .D76 2010

Managing Oneself, 2008 - HF5381 .D677 2008

The Five Most Important Questions You Will Ever Ask aboutYour Organization, 2008 - HD62.6 .D777 2008

Management, 2008 - HD31 .D773 2008

People and Performance : the best of Peter Drucker on management, 2007 - HF5549 .D77 2007

Classic Drucker : Essential Wisdom of Peter Drucker from the Pages of Harvard Business Review, 2006 - HD31 .D76717 2006

The Daily Drucker : 366 Days of Insight and Motivation for Getting the Right Things Done, 2004 - HD31 .D7754 2004

A Functioning Society: Selections From Sixty-Five Years of Writing on Community, Society, and Polity, 2003 - HM 756 .D78 2003

Peter Drucker on the Profession of Management, 2003 - HD 31 .D7742 2003

The Effective Executive, 2002 - HD 38.25 .U6 D78 2002

Managing in the Next Society, 2002 - HD 31 .D77339 2002

Harvard business review on managing your career, 2002 - HF 5381 .H278

The Essential Drucker: Selections from the Management Works of Peter F. Drucker, 2001 - HD 21 .D76 2001

Markets of one: creating customer-unique value through mass customization - eBooks on EBSCOhost

Management Challenges for the 21st Century, 2001 - HD 30.27 .D78 2001

Leader to leader: enduring insights on leadership from the Drucker Foundation’s award-winning journal - eBooks on EBSCOhost

Peter Drucker on the profession of management - eBooks on EBSCOhost

Managing in a Time of Great Change, 1998 - HD 31 .D77337 1998

Harvard business review on measuring corporate performance - eBooks on EBSCOhost

Drucker on Asia: A Dialogue Between Peter Drucker and Isao Nakauchi, 1997 - HC 427.92 .D7813 1997

Ultimate rewards [electronic resource] : what really motivates people to achieve - eBooks on EBSCOhost

The Executive in Action, 1996 - HD 31 .D76825 1996

The Organization of the future, 1997 - HD 58.8 .O7284

The Pension Fund Revolution, 1992 - HD 7105.45 .U6 D78 1996

The End of Economic Man: The Origins of Totalitarianism, 1995 - D 443 .D78 1995

Command performance : the art of delivering quality service,- 1994 HF 5415.5 .C625

The Ecological Vision: Reflections on the American Condition, 1993 - HN 57 .D76 1993

How to Assess Your Nonprofit Organization With Peter Drucker's Five Most Important Questions: User Guide for Boards, Staff, Volunteers, and Facilitators, 1993 - HD 62.6 .H69 1993

Managing for the Future: The 1990's and Beyond, 1993 - HD 31 .D7733 1993

Post-Capitalist Society, 1993 - HC 59.15 .D78 1993

The Learning imperative : managing people for continuous innovation, 1993 - HF 5549.2 .U5  L33

Milestones in management : an essential reader , 1992 - HD 31 .M4373

Drucker in the Harvard Business Review, 1991 - HD 31 .D764 1991

Revolution in real time : managing information technology in the 1990s, 1990 - HD 30.2 .R48

Managing the Nonprofit Organization: Practices and Principles, 1990 - HD 62.6 .D78 1990

The New Realities: In Government and Politics, In Economics and Business, In Society and World View, 1989 - D 849 .D78 1989

The Frontiers of Management: Where Tomorrow's Decisions Are Being Shaped Today, 1986 - HD 31 .D7713 1986

Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Practice and Principles, 1985 - HD 2346 .U5 D78 1985

The Changing World of the Executive, 1982 - HF 5500.2 .D77 1982

Toward the Next Economics, and Other Essays, 1981 - HD 31 .D775 1981

Managing in Turbulent Times, 1980 - HD 31 .D7734 1980

Adventures of a Bystander, 1979 - H 59.D75 A33 1979

An Introductory View of Management, 1977 - HD 31 .D772 1977

Management Cases, 1977 - HD 70 .U5 D69 1977

People and Performance: The Best of Peter Drucker on Management, 1977 - HD 31 .D774 1977

The Unseen Revolution: How Pension Fund Socialism Came to America, 1976 - HD 7106 .U5 D78 1976

Management: Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices, 1974 - HD 31 .D773 1974

The New Markets, And Other Essays, 1974 - HC 59 .D693 1974

Technology, Management, and Society; Essays, 1970 - HD 38 .D72 1970

The Age of Discontinuity; Guidelines to Our Changing Society, 1969 - HC 59 .D69 1969

Preparing Tomorrow's Business Leaders Today, 1969 - HD 31 .P72 1969

The Concept of the Corporation, 1964 - HD 2731 .D7 1964X

Managing for Results: Economics Tasks and Risk-Taking Decisions, 1964 - HD 38 .D7 1964

Landmarks of Tomorrow, 1959 - CB 425 .D77 1959

America's Next Twenty Years, 1957 - HC 106.5 .D74 1957

The Practice of Management, 1954 - HD 70 .U5 D7 1954

The New Society; The Anatomy of the Industrial Order, 1950 - HD 21 .D7 1950

Concept of the Corporation, 1946 - HD 2731 .D7 1946

The Future of Industrial Man: A Conservative Approach, 1943 - HD 82 .D7 1943

Germany, the Last Four Years: An Independent Examination of the Results of National Socialism, 1937 - HC 286.3 .G4 1937


Books About Peter Drucker

What Would Drucker Do Now : Solutions to Today’s Toughest Challenges from the Father of Modern Management, Rick Wartzman, 2012

Managing People and Organizations: Peter Drucker’s Legacy, Guido Stein, 2010 - HD31 .S66 2010

The Strategic Drucker : Growth Strategies and Marketing Insights from the Works of Peter Drucker, Robert W. Swaim, 2010 - HD31 .S795 2010 

Living in More than One World : How Peter Drucker’s Wisdom Can Inspire and Transform Your Life, 2009 - HD6955 .R68 2009

A Class with Drucker : the Lost Lessons of the World’s Greatest Management Teacher, 2008 - HD31 .C589 2008 

Inside Drucker’s Brain, 2008 - HD31.D776 K73 2008

The Definitive Drucker, Elizabeth Haas Edersheim, 2007 - TK 5103.2 .K588 2007

Corporate Entrepreneurship : Top Managers and New Business Creation, Vijay Sathe, 2003 - HB615 .S3117 2003

False Prophets : the Gurus Who Created Modern Management and Why Their Ideas are Bad for Business Today, James Hoopes, 2003 - HD70.U5 H65 2003

Video Interview With Peter Drucker:
"Peter Drucker: An Intellectual Journey" 2003 - Multimedia VC 4679 One Week Loan

Working : Its Meaning and Its Limits, Gilbert C. Meilaender, 2000 - BJ1498 .W64 2000

Peter Drucker: Shaping the Managerial Mind, Flaherty, John E., 1999 - eBooks on EBSCOhost Online Resource

Leading Organizations : Perspectives for a New Era, Gill Robinson Hickman, 1998 - HD58.7 .L4 1998

Management Innovators : the People and Ideas that have Shaped Modern Business, Daniel A. Wren, 1998 - HC102.5.A2 W73 1998

The World According to Peter Drucker, Beatty, Jack, 1998 - HD30.5 .B4 1998

The Leader of the Future : New Visions, Strategies, and Practices for the Next Era, Frances Hesselbein, 1996 - HD57.7 .L418 1996

Drucker, the Man who Invented the Corporate Society, Tarrant, John J., 1976 - HD30.5 .T37

Peter Drucker, Contributions To Business Enterprise, Bonaparte, Tony H., 1970 - HD 31 .B617 1970

Song of the Brush : Japanese Paintings from the Sansō Collection, Seattle Art Museum, 1979 - ND2071 .S36 1979

Journal Articles By Peter Drucker

Business Source Premier

Google Scholar

Newspaper Articles By Peter Drucker

ProQuest News Articles By Peter Drucker


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