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Academic One File - FAQ Academic Search Premier - FAQ
Access To Health Risk Behavior In The United States
Access To Money Income In The United States
Access To Poverty In The United States
Access To The 2001 National Household Travel Survey
Advertising - FAQ
American And Their Homes Demographics Of Homeownership
Americans At Play Demographics Of Outdoor Recreation And

American Attitudes
American Attitudes (3rd Edition)
American Buyers
American Community Survey
American Fact Finder
American FactFinder - FAQ
American Generations Who They Are And How They Live
American Health Demographics And Spending Of Health Care Consumers
American Incomes Demographics Of Who Has Money
The American Marketplace Demographics And Spending Patterns
American Men And Women Demographics Of The Sexes
American Men Who They Are And How They Live
American Time Use Who Spends How Long At What
American Sexual Behavior Demographics Of Sexual Activity, Fertility, And Childbearing
American Women
American Women Who They Are And How They Live
Americans 55 And Older A Changing Market
Analyst Research - FAQ
Annual Reports and 10-k Reports
APA Citation Examples
Arrowhead Links
Ask Jim
Atlas of Global Development
A To Z Guide To American Consumers Quick Links To Free Demographics
The Baby Boom Americans Born 1946 To 1964
Best Customers Demographics Of Consumer Demand
Best Of Health Demographics Of Health Care Consumers
Bestseller Collection
Bet You Didn't Know: Hundreds Of Intriguing Facts About Living In The USA
BizMiner - FAQ
Book Information
Brands and Branding - FAQ
Bureau of Labor Statistics
Business Analyst Online - FAQ
Business Ethics - FAQ
Business Insights: Essentials - FAQ
BusinessNorth: Directory of Business & Industry
Business Plan Resources
Business Regional News - FAQ
Business Research Launchpad
Business Source Premier - FAQ
Business Statistics - FAQ
Calendar (Current, Past and Future Years)
Can I access the databases after graduation?
Case Studies
Census Information
Center for Economic Development Department
Citing Business Resources - FAQs
Citing E-Information
Classic Business Research Launch Pad
Company Annual Reports - FAQ
Company Histories - FAQ
Company Overview Reports - FAQ
Comparing Companies - FAQ
Competition - FAQ
Connect from Off Campus
Consumer Demographics - FAQ
Country Commercial Guides
Country Links A-Z
Country Overview Reports - FAQ
County, Metro Area, and Zip Code Business Patterns
Cultural Issues (Guides on how to do business in different countries)
Customers - FAQ
Current Population Survey
Datapedia Of The United States
Dictionary Of Financial Formulas And Ratios
Directory Of Business Information Resources
Demographics Of The U.S.: Trends And Projections
Demographics USA
Demographics USA County Edition
Designated Market Area (DMA) - FAQ
Dissertations & Theses
Doing Business And Investing Around The World
Doing Business In The New Latin America
Drucker, Peter Bibliography
Duluth Area Media & Publications
Duluth News
Economic Census of the United States
Economic Indicators Handbook
Economic Report Of The President
EDGAR Database - FAQ
Electronic Commerce - FAQ
Emerald Online - FAQ
Empirical Scholarly Articles - FAQ
Employment, Hours, And Earnings
Emerging Technologies
Encyclopedia Of Advertising
Encyclopedia Of African American Business
Encyclopedia Of American Business
Encyclopedia Of American Industries
Encyclopedia Of Business And Finance
Encyclopedia Of Business Information Sources
Encyclopedia Of Careers And Vocational Guidance
Encyclopedia Of Emerging Industries (5th Edition)
Encyclopedia Of Finance
Encyclopedia Of Fraud
Encyclopedia Of Global Industries
Encyclopedia Of Industrial And Organizational Psychology
Encyclopedia Of Leadership
Encylcopedia Of Knowledge Management
Encyclopedia Of Major Marketing Campaigns
Encyclopedia Of Management
Encyclopedia Of Products And Industries
Encyclopedia Of Public Relations
Encyclopedia Of Tariffs And Trade In U.S. History
Encyclopedia Of U.S. Economic History
Encyclopedia Of U.S. Labor And Working-Class History
Encyclopedia Of White-Collar And Corporate Crime
Encyclopedia Of World Trade
Ethnographics - FAQ
European Business Customs And Manners
European Business Facts And Figures
Exchange Rates & Currency Converters- FAQ
Export Sales And Marketing Manual
Exporters' Encyclopedia
Faculty Book Order Form
Faculty Information
FAQs for Business Research (Index)
Federal Reserve System
FMIS Links
Financial History Of The United States
Financial Ratios - FAQ
Financial Studies Of The Small Business
Find Articles
Find Books
Find Information in Books - FAQ
Find Information in Periodical Articles- FAQ
Find Information in Reference Books - FAQ
Find a Video - FAQ
Foreign Trade Of The United States
Franchise Information - FAQ
Generation X Americans Born 1965 To 1976
Geography, Area or Radius - FAQ
Getting Wiser To Teens
Global Etiquette Guides
Global Marketing Information Database (GMID) - FAQ
Google Books
Google Scholar
Google Scholar - FAQ
Government Finance Statistics
Guerrilla Marketing
A Guide To Starting A Business In Minnesota
Handbook Of Industry Profiles
Handbook Of U.S. Labor Statistics
Health & Human Resources Total Connect - FAQ
Helpful Resources For Calculating Carbon Emissions - FAQ
Historical Encyclopedia Of American Labor
Historical Statistics Of The United States
History of Economics - FAQ
Hoover's Company In-Dept Records (from Lexis-Nexis Academic)
Hoover's Masterlist Of U.S. Companies
Household Spending Who Spends How Much On What
How This Site Works
How to Find the Business Databases?
Human Resources Glossary
Human Resources in Foreign Countries - FAQ
IBIS World Industry Reports - FAQ NEW!
Icons Of Business An Encyclopedia of Mavericks, Movers, and Shakers
IFS Online
Importing Into The United States
Imports - FAQ
Index Of Economic Freedom
Industrial Commodity Statistics Yearbook
Industry Links
Industry Norms And Key Business Ratios
Industry Overviews Reports - FAQ
Industry Research Using The Economic Census
Information, Finance, And Services USA
Infrastructure Industries USA
International Business Etiquette
International Business - FAQ
International Directory of Business Biographies
International Encyclopedia Of The Stock Market
International Financial Statistics - FAQ
International Financial Statistics
International Historical Statistics
International Human Resources
International Human Resource Management
International Marketing
International Regional Reports- FAQ
International Yearbook Of Industrial Statistics
Internet Research For Business Operations and Economic Development
IRS Corporate Financial Ratios
Jim Vileta Contact Page
Jim's Blog
Job Postings on ReferenceUSA - FAQ
Job Search with Library Databases- FAQ
Kathryn A. Martin Library Home
Key Business Reference Books in the Library
Key Company And Financial Reference Books in the Library
Key Indicators Of The Labour Market
Key Management Ratios
L.C. Classification Outline
Laws and Regulations - FAQ
"Leadership" (as a topic example) - FAQ
WestLawNext - FAQ
Library Tour
The Lifestyle Market Analyst

Link Check Page
Local - FAQ
LSBE Handouts
LSBE Library Essentials
Management Theory - FAQ
Managing Human Resources In North America
Manufacturers - FAQ
Manufacturing And Distribution USA
Market Share & Company Rankings - FAQ
Market Share Reporter
MarketLine - FAQ
Marketing Links
Marketing Research Guide
Marketing Scales Handbooks - FAQ
MasterFile Premier - FAQ
Mergent Online - FAQ
Mergent/Moody's Manual Collection - FAQ
The Mid-Youth Market: baby Boomers In Their Peak Earning And Spending Years
Milgram Experiment - FAQ
The Millennials Americans Born 1977 To 1994
Minnesota Manufacturers Register
Mintel Reports - FAQ
MorningStar - FAQ
NationMaster - FAQ
NBER: National Bureau of Economic Research - FAQ
NetAdvantage - FAQ
The New Palgrave Dictionaries
New Products - FAQ
New Strategist
New Strategist Publications - FAQ
News Links
Non-Profits - FAQ
North American Industry Classification System
Northland Connection
Occupational Outlook Handbook
OECD Factbook
OECD iLibrary - FAQ
Older Americans A Changing Market
Organization Studies
Other Encyclopedias
Other Libraries
Passport GMID
Pest and Pestel Analysis
Peter Drucker
Pew Research Center - FAQ
Pitchbook - FAQ
Places, Towns And Townships
Plunkett's Health Care Industry Almanac
Plunkett's Renewable, Hydrogen Energy Industry Almanac
Plunkett's Sports Industry Almanac
Political Handbook Of The World
Political Risk Yearbook
Porter's Five Forces - FAQ
Presentation Skills
Private Companies - FAQ
ProQuest News - FAQ
Psychographics - FAQ
Quality Improvement -- Continuous Improvement - FAQ
Questionnaires, Surveys, and Focus Groups
Racial And Ethnic Diversity
Reference USA - FAQ
Reference USA Consumers/Lifestyles - FAQ
Regional Business News - FAQ
Regional Markets
Research Guides
Research Guides - FAQ
Research Insight - FAQ
RIA Checkpoint - Tax Research - FAQ
RKMA Marketing Handbooks - FAQ
Salary Facts Handbook
Sales And Marketing Management
Sales - FAQ
Sami Research
Sarbanes-Oxley - FAQ
SBRnet - FAQ
Science Direct - FAQ
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - FAQ
SEC Reports - FAQ
Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) - FAQ
Selected Library Reference Books Of Interest to Human Resources
Selling - FAQ
SIC and NAICS Codes - FAQ
Small Business & Entrepreneurship - FAQ
Small Business Sourcebook
Social Media Marketing
Social Proof - FAQ
The Sourcebook of ZIP Code Demographics
Sourcebook Of County Demographics
Sourcebook Of Zip Code Demographics
Sources of Supply - FAQ
Sports Business Resource Guide And Fact Book
Sports Marketing - FAQ
Standard And Poor Industry Surveys
Standard Industrial Classification Manual
Starting Points
Statista - FAQ
STAT-USA (Data Substitutes)
State And Metropolitan Area Data Book
State Profiles The Population And Economy Of Each U.S. State
Statistical Yearbook
St. James Encylclopedia Of Labor History Worldwide
Stocks, Bonds, and Mutual Funds - FAQ
Strategic Goals of a Company - FAQ
Strauss's Handbook Of Business Information
SWOT Analysis - FAQ
Tax Research - FAQ
Ten Things You Need To Know About The Children's Market
Ten Things You Need To Know About The College Market
Ten Things You Need To Know About The Retirement Market
TOWS Matrix
Trade Associations - FAQ
Trade Publications - FAQ
Trade Shows - FAQ
Trust - FAQ (in Business Transactions)
Ulrich's Periodicals Directory - FAQ
UMD Business Databases
United States Foreign Trade Highlights
Value Chain Analysis
The Value Line Investment Survey
Value Line - FAQ
Wall Street Journal - FAQ
Ward's Automotive Yearbook
What We Do
What's New for LSBE in the Kathryn A. Martin Library
The Who, What, And Where Of America
Who's Buying Alcoholic And Nonalcoholic Beverages
Who's Buying Apparel
Who's Buying At Restaurants And Carry-Outs
Who's Buying By Age
Who's Buying By Race And Hispanic Origin
Who's Buying Entertainment
Who's Buying Executive Summary Of Household Spending
Who's Buying For Pets
Who's Buying For The Home
Who's Buying For Travel
Who's Buying Groceries
Who's Buying Health Care
Who's Buying Household Furnishings, Services, And Supplies
Who's Buying Information And Consumer Electronics
Who's Buying Information Products And Services
Who's Buying Transportation
Who We Are Asians
Who We Are Blacks
Who We Are Hispanics
Wikipedia - FAQ
Working Americans Series
WorldCat - FAQ
World Development Indicators
World Development Indicators (Book)
World Development Indicators - FAQ
World Factbook
World Industry And Market
Worldmark Encyclopedia Of Cultures And Daily Life
Worldmark Encyclopedia Of National Economies
You Want to Find Articles?
You Want to Find books?
You Want to Locate Periodicals?
Your Library at a Glance
Zip Codes


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