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Social Media Marketing social media marketing

What is Social Media?
Examples of Social Media Services
Conversation Prism -- Graphing Social Networks
What is Social Media Marketing?
Major Social Media Marketing Platforms
Google+ and Google Friend Connect
Social Location (Mobile) Marketing
Social Media Marketing Blogs
Social Media Marketing Tools
Tools to Perform Key Word Searches
Tools as Free Listening Posts
Reviews on the Social Media Tools
Recommendations for Doing-It-Yourself
Social Media Dashboard Tools
Great Examples Social Media Marketing
Best Practices
Social Media Marketing Podcasts
Sources in the Library
Google Books
Articles on Social Media Marketing
Forrester Reports
Mintel Reports
Pew Internet & American Life Project
Search Engines
Step-By-Step Guide To A Successful Social Media Program

Social Media Marketing has become a focus of great interest during the past several years. Businesses and non-profits have discovered that new web services the can significantly expand their advertising potential through "word of mouth" comments on the emerging social networks. Products and services can be marketed through these new communication methods, and companies and non-profits need to better understand this new world of social media. The links and library resources listed below are not comprehensive, but they intended as a basic outline or introduction to this topic.

topWhat is Social Media?

This is a good simple definition:

"Social media is a collection of online platforms and tools that people use to share content, profiles, opinions, insights, experiences, perspectives and media itself, facilitating conversations and interactions online between groups of people.

  • Social Media is the platform/tools.
  • Social Networking is the act of connecting on social media platforms."

Doreen Moran – Digital and Social Marketing Strategist

To learn more, please read these articles for more insight:

Social Media (Wikipedia)

Web 2.0 (Wikipedia)


topExamples of Social Media Services:

Here we have the icons and names of many popular social media services. Click on each icon to learn more. This list is not comprehensive, but it is a useful starting point.

List of 101 media sites and definitions


topConversation Prism -- Graphing Social Networks:

Social Media Prism

The "Consversation Prism" concept was developed by Jesse Thomas and Brian Solis in 2008. This clickable graphic illustrates and maps the categories of social media. The links below will be helpful: Pictures Social Bookmarks Comment and Reputation Crowdsourced Content Blog Platforms Blogs/Conversations Blog Communities Micromedia Lifestreams Specific to Twitter SMS/Voice Social Networks Niche Networks Customers Service Networks Location Video Video Aggregation Documents Events Music Wiki LiveCasting - Video and Audio

The Conversation Prism

The Conversation Prism (Wikipedia)

'Conversation Prism' Helps Corporations Visualize Social Media Strategies

Conversation Prism v2.0 -- YouTube

Introducing the Conversation Prism

Social Media Conversation Prism -- YouTube


topWhat is Social Media Marketing? Social Media Icons

Social Media Marketing is how businesses and non-profits use social media to build relationships through trust, useful content, helpfulness and authority. Many tools and web sites can be used. Marketing professionals everywhere are studying these new communication channels.

Please read these fine articles:

Social Media Marketing (Wikipedia)

Social Media Optimization (Wikipedia)


 topMajor Social Media Marketing Platforms
Social media marketers tend to focus first on the most popular, highly used, social media services.  These are listed below.  While these are very good places to consider as starting points for social media marketing efforts, experts say that other important avenues are often overlooked.  Marketers need to have a strong overall understanding of how social media works, so that the proper services and tools can be selected for the marketing task at hand.

is currently the number one focus for Social Media Marketing.

A "Check-In" service for social networking on mobile phones

is very new, and provides big competition for Facebook

is considered the better service to be used with B2B marketing

still popular, but in user decline




popular in many marketing situations

Yahoo! Answers


Instantly control your information and add photos and specials to dozens of local search sites like Yahoo!, Yelp and MapQuest."

very popular with marketers

A non-profit competitor to Facebook.



topGoogle+ and Google Friend Connect Google+

Google+ was launched mid-summer of 2011 on an "invite only" basis for people age 18 or older. The service has many new features and options, and could provide serious competition for Facebook. Marketers will be carefully monitoring the progress of this new social media service.


Google Friend Connect


Google+ (Wikipedia)

Google Friend Connect (Wikipedia)

Introducing the Google+ Project

The New Google+ Project Positioned to Take on Facebook

News: Google Friend Connect

News: Google+


What is Google Plus?


topSocial Location (Mobile) Marketing

"Social Location Marketing" or "Mobile Marketing" is a set of practices that enables organizations to communicate and engage with their audience in an interactive and relevant manner through any mobile device or network. (Link)

Brands Takeover Foursquare (Project Socialize)

Brightkite (Wikipedia)

Check-In - Social Check-In (Wikipedia)

The Evolving Worlds of Social Media and Mobile Marketing (ClickZ)

Facebook Features - Places (Wikipedia)

Facebook Introduces Check-in Feature (CNN Tech)

Foursquare (Wikipedia)

Google Latitude (Wikipedia)

Gowalla (Wikipedia)

Location-Based Service (Wikipedia)

Location, Location, Location (4imprint Blue Papers)

Locative Media (Wikipedia)

Mobile Marketing (Wikipedia)

Mobile Marketing Association (Wikipedia)

Mobile Social Media Usage Affects Shopping Habits (eMarketer)

Mobile Social Network (Wikipedia)

Social Location Marketing (Facebook)

Social Media Marketing and Mobile Marketing (YouTube)




topSocial Media Marketing Blogs

Social Media Marking is a very new field with new discoveries and insights being made every day. One great way to keep informed  about news, trends, and techniques is to follow the blogs. We have many fine blogs listed here:

AdAge Power 150

Top 150 Social Media Marketing Blogs

And make sure you visit these amazing local experts:

aimClear Consulting Services

PureDriven Blog


topSocial Media Marketing Tools LinkedIn

Social Media Marketing depends on new tools to track trends, topics of interest, comments, and marketing performance. The tools listed below will be very helpful:

All About Social Media Marketing Tools

A Wiki of Social Media Monitoring Solutions


topTools to Perform Key Word Searches

Keyword Searches are vital to both Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Optimization (SMO), By knowing what people are searching for, one can produce better search engine rankings for websites, better content for readers, and better social media interactions.

Google Insights for Search

Google Keyword Tool

Google Wonder Wheel

Keyword Discovery

Wordtracker Free Keywords


topTools as Free Listening PostsKey Social Platforms

A  Listening Post is “a centralized location where conversations are culled from a variety of online sources [such as blogs, chat rooms, social networks, and forums] and distributed to employees for appropriate marketing action.” (link)


Boardreader (forums and message boards)

Facebook Search

Foursquare Perspectives

Google Alerts

Google Alerts (Wikipedia)


IceRocket (Wikipedia)

How to Use Google Plus Sparks as an Internet Listening Post (Nate Riggs)

Open Book

Open Book (Wikipedia)

PostRank Analytics (free and paid versions)

PostRank Analytics (Wikipedia)

RowFeeder (free and paid versions)


Technorati Search

Technorati Search (Wikipedia)

Trendistic (trends on Twitter)

Twitter Search

Wildfire (ideal for making comparisons between Facebook or Twitter accounts)

Create Your Own Social Media Listening Post in Four Easy Steps (Social Grow)

The Five Ws of Social Media Media Listening


topReviews on the Social Media Tools: twitter bird

12 Social Media Monitoring Tools Reviewed - Six Revisions

20 Free, Awesome Social Media Monitoring Tools - SocialBrite

48 Free Social Media Monitoring Tools - DreamGrow Social Media

All About Social Media Marketing Tools

Social Media Monitoring Tools - SlideShare

Top 20 Social Media Monitoring Vendors for Business - Socialmedia.biz


topRecommendations for Doing-It-Yourself:

These companies teach social media marketing by answering questions and providing training online.

Exploring Social Media.com


HubSpot (Wikipedia)


topSocial Media Dashboard Tools

Social Media Dashboards allow businesses to track comments made about them through various social media. Businesses can then quickly respond to questions, compliments, concerns, or complaints. This is vital part staying in the "conversation." Here are some very useful dashboard tools:

Google Reader

Google Reader (Wikipedia)


HootSuite (Wikipedia)


Klout (Wikipedia)


TweetDeck (Wikipedia)

Top 10 Social Media Dashboard Tools (SocialBrite)

How to Build a Free Social Media Monitoring Dashboard (Social Media Examiner)


topGreat Examples Social Media MarketingSocial Arena Marketing

Marketers hope that Social Media will allow for new marketing channels, bringing in new customers, and increase sales of goods and services.  The companies listed below demonstrate excellent uses of social media in their marketing mix.  Some companies have increases sales many times over through creativity and solid implementation.

5 Winning Social Media Campaigns to Learn From - Mashable

10 Social Media Marketing Examples You Can Actually Use - Ignite Social Media

20 Example of Great Facebook Pages - HubSpot Blog

26 Social Media Marketing Examples in Detail - Ignite Social Media

109 Ways to Make Your Business Irresistible to the Media - Copyblogger

Des Moines Flowers by Boesen

Duluth Mayor Takes on Lake Superior for Google

Duluth Superior Open Mike

FohBoh Foodservice Social Media

Martell Home Builders


topBest Practices

14 Best Practices for Long-Term Social Media Success - Bethesda Emedia Marketing

B2B Marketing Best Practices for Social Media - Marketo

Facebook Publishes Guide to Social Marketing Best Practices - ReadWrite

Social Media Marketing Best Practices - crmtrends

Social Media Marketing Best Practices from Best Buy - TopRank

Social Media marketing Best Practices for Your Small Business - Sell It! on the Web


topSocial Media Marketing Podcasts: Facebook

Social Media Marketing GPS


topSources in the Library

Note: There may be some duplicate titles among these topic links.
Here we have these sources in the Library on:

Guerrilla Social Media Marketing Social Media Marketing an Hour a Day Facebook Marketing an Hour a Day The Zen of Social Media Marketing Facebook Marketing for Dummies Likeable Social Media




Mobile Marketing

Social Networks

Social Networking

Social Media Marketing



You Want to Find Books?

Killer Facebook Ads Social Media Metrics Secrets  Social Location Marketing  The Power of Foursquare  Mobile Marketing  Twitter Power 2.0


topAnd you may find other sources in Google Books on:




Mobile Marketing

Social Networks

Social Networking

Social Media Content

Social Media Marketing



Any of the titles listed in Google Books , not held by the Library, can be acquired via our UMD Inter-Library Loan system.


topArticles on Social Media Marketing social media thoughts

Here you can find published articles in magazines, trade publications, and scholarly journals (via the Kathryn A. Martin Library) on Social Media Marketing, and any of its sub-topics.

Google Scholar

MegaFile (EBSCO)

You Want to Find Articles?


topForrester Reports:

2011 Social Media Predictions - Augie Ray's Blog

The ROI of Social Media Marketing: More than Dollars and Cents


topMintel Reports:

Our Mintel Database has hundreds of useful marketing research reports, including:

Social Networking - US - February 2010


topPew Internet & American Life Project

Broadband Internet Reports

Mobile Internet Reports

Social Media Reports

Social Networking Reports

Also. search the Internet for social media tools, tips and reviews:


topSearch Engines  
The first place to go to search the web.
Bing Search
MicroSoft's much improved Search Engine


If you need suggestions for more sources, please contact me.


Last Update: April 4, 2013


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