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Anthropology in the News

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Friday, 19 April 2024, 03:54 (03:54 AM) CDT, day 110 of 2024

Prehistoric Cultures

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Friday, 19 April 2024, 08:54 (08:54 AM) GMT, day 110 of 2024
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Prehistoric Diets

In the News

 Australopithecus robustus, also known as Paranthropus robustus, in southern Africa 1 million years ago.

Australopithecus robustus in southern Africa 1 million years ago

see also

prehistoric food, see also individual countries and cultures, group(s), and individual foods . . .
Fire Use
Ancient Civilizations
Animal Domestication
Anthropological Ecology
Early Agriculture
Food Archaeology
Plant Domestication
Prehistoric Dentistry
Prehistoric Food
Sustainable Agriculture

Nutrition and Health


Foraging -- Hunting and Gathering
Neolithic Revolution
Agricultural Revolution of the Middle Ages

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diet classifications / types
    • insectivorous (insects)
    • frugiverous (fruit)
    • herbiverous (plants)
    • gramnivorous (grasses)
    • carnivorous (meat)
    • omnivorous (all of the above)


other terms

In the News . . .

From Texas A&M Anthropology in the News  . . .
(Fricday , 10 November 2006)

Not Just Nuts and Berries for These Hominids
Science (11/9/06)

One of the the teeth of four individuals of Paranthropus robustus
One of the the teeth of four individuals of Paranthropus robustus
(also known as Australopithecus robustus)
from the Swartkrans Cave in South Africa.

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!Kung San Hunters
!Kung San Hunters

keep track of major areas of change in

timelines of prehistory

  • new discoveries

  • first of things
  • best of things
  • last of things
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  • Eaton, S. Boyd, and Melvin Konner. “Paleolithic Nutrition: A Consideration of Its Nature and Current Implications” -- New England Journal of Medicine (January 1985)

  • Eaton, S. Boyd, M. Shostak, and Melvin. Konner. The Paleolithic Prescription: A Program of Diet and Exercise and a Design for Living. NY: Harper & Row, 1988.

  • The Evolution Of Human Diet -- Science Daily (04 January 2007)

 Tehuacan maize.
Early Maize Cobbs -- Tehuacán Valley

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