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Anthropology of Europe
(fka Peoples and Cultures of Europe)

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Wednesday, 03-Jun-2020 15:00:02 CDT

Society for the Anthropology of Europe

Countries, Cultures, Regions, and Territories of Europe

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topics and resources

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Europa and the Bull, Moreay.

Europa and the Bull

Enlèvement d'Europe
  Nöel-Nicolas Coypel, c. 1726

Preferred Topics

for the

Term Paper
and Class Presentation

understanding cultural metaphors

Results from the in-class question:

What are the three topics that you might be most interested in working on for your class presentation / term paper project?


  1. effects of Christianity on European people
  2. the effects that the Crusades had on the people left behind
  3. or you can tell me what to write because I'm really clueless

Greek Church.

Greek Church, Corfu

Spanish Bullfight
Spanish Bullfight
  1. Irish / Celtic clans
  2. Spanish bullfighting
  3. European stylized music
Farmers at the Inishowen Agricultural Show, as featured in A  Jaunt Round Ireland
  1. I haven't really thought about it yet, but maybe the conflict betwen the Basques and the Spanish / French governments, terrorists and separationist issues
Map of Basque Region
  1. I have not thought about what I would like to work on yet
  2. ?
  3. maybe something Greek
  1. Oracle of Delphi
  2. violence in Northern Ireland
  3. culture of Amsterdam

Apollo Temple, Delphi.

Apollo Temple, Delphi

  1. find out more information about the culture of Catalonia
  2. the creation of Ferrari, including the Ferrari family, the racing series, and performance street cars
  3. ???
  1. differences in German cultures -- Switzerland, Germany, and Austria
  2. differfences in cultures of Switzerland -- French, German, and Italian-speaking areas
  3. difference between urban and rural Italian settlements

*no preference between three topics -- all equally interesting

  1. I have not really given this any thought yet
  2. I was thinking about some aspect of the battle of Waterloo
  1. positive and negative effects of the European Union on small, medium and large countries and/or the benefits of joining vs. remainng independent of it
  2. decreasing birth rates and sustaining populations in Europe today
  3. I don't know
  1. I haven't really thought about it
  2. maybe something on the influence of Islam on Europe and Christianity
  3. something on the Greek culture today
  1. I haven't thought about it, but if we can write about ancient cultures I would like to study the Spartan or Roman warfare
  1. I would like to work on Gypsies
  2. I would like to research Cockney language
  3. from there, the b???? craze of their national sport of "soccer"

*all of these are my top choices; either is fine

  1. I haven't thought about it yet; probablay something to do with Germany or Turkey and the European Union
  2. something to do with immigration / assimilation and loss of identity
  3. loss of languages (lost languages)
  1. collapse of the Roman Empire
  2. the Crusades
  3. *the facts and fictions of King Arthur
    and the Knights of the Round Table
  4. what started WWI ?

(these are in no particular order)

Introducing Geoffrey Ashe -- Britannia

Geoffrey Ashe,
Geoffrey Ashe,
former Visiting Hill Professor
at UMD

"Mr. Ashe enjoys wide public recognition and acceptance of his works and is arguably the pre-eminent popularizer of the history and legends of King Arthur in the world, today."

  1. I haven't thought about it yet
  1. I have not yet thought about it. I need ideas on how specific this should be.
  1. what traditions have remained in Europe ?
    which traditions have changed ?
  2. the effect of the EU over Europe's economy
  3. what do people think of the U.S. over in Europe ?

haven't really thought about it but . . .

  1. something on the E.U.
  2. topics on globalization
  3. the wine industry
    compare / contrast countries
French Wine Regions.
Belgian Lace Worker

Donardegi Basque Farmstead

  1. I really haven't thought about it. I am interested in the Basque people. But I will need more time to learn more about them.
  2. I have already read Cod, adn I found that the cod trade was very important and interesting
Belgian Lace Worker

Belgian Lace Worker

  1. women in the French working class . . .
    I did a UROP on French laundresses in the 19th century -- if I could expand and update on research I've already done, that would be smart. If it can't be made relevant to the class, though, I'd do something else.
  2. something regarding the culture and role of geographically smaller nations -- such as Belgium, Luxembourg, or another small nation

how about?

Flag of San Marino.

The Most Serene
Republic of San Marino

  1. I haven't thought about it yet . . . maybe something about my European heritage (France, Ukraine)
  2. maybe something about different cultural foods (ethnic) in Europe
  1. I don't know yet
  1. I have no idea -- haven't thoguht about it
  2. maybe something having to do with the Venetian culture, but I honestly haven't thought about it
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