Current and Former Students

Current Students


[I try to keep this current but realize it's badly out of date. Please update me if you have more current information for yourself or others!]

I have been fortunate to supervise twenty one M.S. graduate students here at the University of Minnesota, Duluth. Of these, thirteen have gone on for further graduate study. Seven have earned a PhD, four are currently in PhD programs and three are in or have earned a second Master's degree. Here's a quick summary of where these students have landed and who they are now working with. The information below is somewhat out of date now, so if you have any updates please let me know!

I have also created a centralized repository for all of the PhD dissertations, Master's theses and projects I have supervised.

A Few Pictures

The Class of 2010 (Yanbo!) here and here!
The Class of 2009 (Varada and Bridget) here and here and here!
The Class of 2006 (Saiyam, Mahesh, Anagha, and Apurva) here and here!
The Class of 2004 plus one (Bridget, Ted, and Amruta) here!
The Class of 2003 plus one (Saif, Ted, and Sid) here!

A small reunion at NAACL 2009 (Boulder, CO) here (Bridget, Ted, Varada, Saif) and here (Sid, Bridget, Varada). Varada did a demo there...
Here's what we looked like back in Fall 2004! At work and a more formal portrait. (Jason, Apurva, Ted, Anagha, Prath)
Here is a rather remarkable photo of ALL my graduate students from 2001, 2002, and 2003! (Bano, Aditi, Sid, Nitin, Saif)

By: Ted Pedersen - tpederse AT d umn edu