Doug Dunham

Address: Department of Computer Science 320 HH
University of Minnesota Duluth
1114 Kirby Drive
Duluth, MN 55812-3036
Office:149 MWAH
Professor Emeritus (retired 21st of May, 2017 after 40 years at UMD)

Art Works

Fractal Circle Pattern

Papers and Talks:

65 Years of Art in Hyperbolic Geometry (Fall 2023 North Central Section MAA Meeting)
Bridges 2023 paper (pdf with L. Shier)     Bridges 2023 Talk (with L. Shier)
Joint Math Meeting 2023 Talk (with L. Shier)
MathFest 2022 Talk (with L. Shier)
Bridges 2022 paper (pdf with L. Shier)     Bridges 2022 Talk (with L. Shier)
Joint Math Meeting 2022 Talk (with L. Shier)
MathFest 2021 Talk (with L. Shier)
Bridges 2021 paper (pdf with L. Shier)     Bridges 2021 Talk (with L. Shier)
Symmetry Festival 2021 Talk (with L. Shier)
Joint Math Meeting 2020 Talk (with L. Shier)
Bridges 2019 Talk (pdf) (with L. Shier) Bridges 2019 Talk 2 (pdf) (with C. Fong)
Joint Math Meeting 2019 Talk (pdf)
ICGG 2018 Talk (pdf)
Bridges 2018 Talk 1 (pdf) (with J. Shier) Bridges 2018 Talk 2 (pdf) (with C. Fong)
Joint Math Meeting 2018 Art Talk (pdf)
Joint Math Meeting 2018 Geometry Talk (pdf)
Bridges 2017 paper (draft, pdf)   Bridges 2017 Talk (pdf)
Fractal and Computer Art - Duluth Public Library, June 28, 2017 (pdf)
Joint Math Meeting 2017 Talk (pdf)
ESMA 2016 paper (pdf)     ESMA 2016 Talk (pdf)
ICGG 2016 Paper (pdf)     ICGG 2016 Talk (pdf)
Symmetry Festival 2016 paper (pdf)     Symmetry Festival 2016 Talk (pdf)
Bridges 2016 paper (draft, pdf)   Bridges 2016 Talk (pdf)
MathFest 2015 Talk (pdf)
AMS-EMS-SPM Porto 2015 Talk (pdf)
Bridges 2015 paper (draft, pdf)     Bridges 2015 Talk (pdf)
Joint Math Meeting 2015 Talk (pdf)
UMD Math Talk October 2014 (pdf)
ICM 2014 Talk (pdf)
Bridges 2014 paper (pdf)     Bridges 2014 Talk (pdf)
ICGG 2014 Paper (pdf)     ICGG 2014 Talk (pdf)
Joint Math Meeting 2014 Talk (pdf)
ESMA 2013 Talk (pdf)
Symmetry Festival 2013 paper (pdf) (draft)   Symmetry Festival 2013 Talk (pdf)
Bridges 2013 paper (pdf) (draft)     Bridges 2013 Talk (pdf)
SubTile 2013 Talk (pdf)
Joint Math Meeting 2013 Talk (pdf)
MAA North Central Section Fall 2012 Talk (pdf)
UMD Math October 2012 Talk (pdf)
ICGG 2012 Poster (pdf)     ICGG 2012 Talk (pdf)
ISAMA 2012 Paper (pdf) (draft)     ISAMA 2012 Talk (pdf)
Bridges 2012 paper (pdf) (draft)     Bridges 2012 Talk (pdf)
Joint Math Meeting 2012 Talk (pdf)
Bridges 2011 paper (pdf) (draft)     Bridges 2011 Talk (pdf)
ISAMA 2011 Talk (pdf)
AMS Richmond 2010 Talk (pdf)
ICGG 2010 Paper (pdf)     ICGG 2010 Talk (pdf)
ESMA 2010 Talk (pdf)
ISAMA 2010 Paper (pdf)     ISAMA 2010 Talk (pdf)
Math & Design 2010 Talk (pdf)
Bridges 2010 paper (pdf) (draft)     Bridges 2010 Talk (pdf)
MathFest 2009 Talk (pdf)
Symmetry Festival 2009 Talk (pdf)
ISAMA 2009 Paper (pdf) (draft)     ISAMA 2009 Talk (pdf)
DIMACS 2009 Talk (pdf)     DIMACS 2009 Talk (YouTube)
ECCAD 2009 Talk (pdf)
Bridges 2009 paper (pdf)     ( Bridges 2009 talk (pdf) )
UMD Math 2009 Talk (pdf)
Joint Math Meeting 2009 Talk (pdf)
ICGG 2008 paper (pdf) ;     ICGG 2008 talk (pdf)
Bridges 2008 paper (pdf)     ( Bridges 2008 talk (pdf) )
Joint Math Meeting 2008 Talk (pdf)
Communicating Mathematics paper (preliminary version) (pdf)
Math & Design 2007 Paper (pdf)       Math & Design 2007 Talk (pdf)
ISAMA 2007 Paper (pdf)       ISAMA 2007 Workshop (pdf)       ISAMA 2007 Talk (pdf)
Bridges 2007 Paper (pdf)       Bridges 2007 Talk (pdf)
Bridges 2006 Paper (pdf)
Bridges 2005 Paper (pdf) color ( Bridges 2005 Paper (pdf) black/white ), and Bridges 2005 Talk (pdf)
Art+Math=X Paper (pdf) and Art+Math=X Talk (pdf)
ISAMA-CIT/2004 Paper (pdf)
Math & Design 2004 Paper (pdf)
Bridges 2004 Paper (pdf)
Bridges 2003 Paper (pdf)
Bridges 2002 Paper (pdf)
Math Awareness Month 2003
Math Horizons
Notices of AMS
Bridges 2001 Paper (pdf)
Bridges 2000 Paper (pdf)
Bridges 1999 Paper (pdf)

Past Conferences:

Symmetry Festival 2006 August 12-18, 2006 Budapest, Hungary
JÁNOS BOLYAI CONFERENCE, Budapest, Hungary, July 6 - 13, 2002
ISAMA 2000 Second Annual Conference of the International Society of the Arts, Mathematics and Architecture, Albany, New York, June 24 - 28, 2000
Science in the Arts - Art in the Sciences A satellite art program of the UNESCO-ICSU World Conference on Science, Budapest, Hungary, June 26 - July 1, 1999



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